Friday, August 28, 2009

Suweet Giveaway!

Check out a sweet (literally) giveaway at Make It and Love It! Cakes! I'm not just talking a little store bought yummy cake, these things are amazing!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3 Year Anniversary!

Today is our 3 year anniversary! To celebrate, I made Tad some waffles (in the toaster, seeing as how our waffle maker magically broke after someone used it) with bananas, peanut butter and syrup, and a side of orange juice. We'll actually celebrate this weekend but it was a good breakfast! We also found out Tad got this job at the company he's been working at right now. It's a RD/QA Lead position. Basically that means he makes sure their product is up to par. He's basically a supervisor. It's not what he wants to do forever, but it'll help us for the next little while so we can prepare for grad school.

Looking back we've come a long way. I can't believe it's already been three years. We've learned to communicate a little bit better and by we I really mean me. Tad's already a good communicator. Anyway, it doesn't seem like three years is a long time, but I loved being married to such a great man. I have always known that I am top priority in his life. He is so gentle, kind, and loving in ways that I never thought I could be. He's a hard worker and I'm so proud of him. I'm grateful to have such a wonderful husband who will massage my feet (yuck!), do the dishes, change diapers, and sit and watch chick flicks with me. He makes me laugh and he laughs at my corny jokes! His testimony of this gospel is inspiring for me and others. What a great guy I married! I love you so much, Tad! Wooh! Three years down!

Popcorn Popping

Towel Project...check!

So I finished a project recently that I've been wanting to do since I came back from Georgia. My sister got a gift like this for her bridal shower and I thought it was such a cute idea. I just love making things cute, but in an easy way. So what it just get some fabric and cut out letters of your names and sew them onto your towels. I did it and thought they turned out pretty good. I can see where my mistakes are but hopefully you won't be able to. It was fun and easy!

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Little Singer

I was talking to Tad on the phone the other day, and my blog was up, so the music had been playing. Some point during our conversation I happened to listen to Afton, beside me, and this is what she was singing. (It's the Maroon 5 song on my blog, "I Won't Go Home Without You.")

This one's for you, Grampy

Grapes, guns and naps

So we've been trying to keep Afton on a diet of fresh fruits to help out with her regularity. (Sorry if that's too much info.!) She loves grapes and blueberries and just loves to stuff her mouth full of them. Here's a few pictures.
Also, recently we had some friends that were moving out of the ward come to clean their apartment. While they were here, they let Tad and I use their gun to go shooting. (My first time!) Tad usually goes with Dan, but they were pretty busy, so I got to go along. I did hit the target the first time, however it must have been beginners luck because I didn't do too well after that. It was pretty cool though, to have a gun in my hand and learn how to use it. Watch out for me now! Tad was pretty awesome, but that's no surprise, at least to me. I usually hear that he's pretty good. It was a fun day and we came home to a silly girl wanting to do some shooting herself, I guess. :)Aww... so cute. Daddy taking a little nappy and Afton being cute.