Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kissing Baby

We've been trying to teach Afton how to give kisses and this is what she started doing!

Crazy Quilt Give Away

I'm not sure who exactly this person is, but saw I saw this on my cousin's website and thought, "Hey, who wouldn't want a free quilt." Not that I usually win things, but it's still fun to try. Check it out, it's cute! The website is or you can just click on the picture on my sidebar.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Lil' Froggy

Apple eatin'

Lazy week!

This past week has been interesting. I haven't had to student teach because the students are taking a break for the potato harvesting, so I've had a lot of time to just spend with Afton. It's been so much fun and I love being with her all day. However, I have noticed that I'm not as motivated to do much more than that. Isn't it interesting that when we have a lot to do we get a lot done, but when we don't have much to do, we don't get much done? Well, at least that's they way it is with me. I've been trying to plan this Romeo and Juliet unit for my 9th grade class, and it's just slow moving. I'll get it done though, hopefully! Tad has still been pretty busy with classes and work. We are both excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas which will be spent with family! I love families! We are both very lucky to come from good families. I'm actually glad that I was able to have this particular week off, because it turns out that Afton has thrush, a cold, and is constipated again. Lucky the babysitters didn't have to deal with that. (Sorry if that's too much information.) Plus, conference was amazing and I was glad I could relax and listen/watch conference without being stressed out about school.

These are some pictures from today and others from the past few days. Today after lunch, her little belly was just so full I couldn't help but laugh and want to take pictures.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The long update

Well, it's been a little while since I've blogged. It's been lonely! Tad and Afton went down to California last Thursday and got back late Monday night. It was so quiet and I realized I'm kind of afraid of the dark! Hehehe! I just don't like being by myself at night. Tad's brother, Russell, just got home from his mission in Guatemala. He will be coming to live with us in a few weeks for the rest of the semester. He wanted to get up here and he could only come for the last block of this semester. (Which is 6 weeks) Anyway, so they had a lot of fun visiting with family. And mommy had to stay home :) I spent a lot of time with Meagan, my old roomate. Of course, we had to dye our hair, so now my hair is reddish-brown. It looks better than what I thought it would look like, but Tad said he likes the blond better. I'll get pictures to ya of that sometime!
I had midterm evaluations and one of my cooperating teachers decided that I only deserved all 1's! (The lowest scoring you can get.) However, each time my supervisor came to evaluate me she gave me mostly 3's. (The highest scoring you can get.) It would have been a little less humiliating if it had been things she had talked to me about previously, saying that I needed to improve. There was only two things she had talked to me about before: classroom management and printed lesson plans. The lesson plans were easy to fix, but the classroom management is a little hard when she is still in the room and starts off the class every day. I was almost in tears after the meeting with her and my supervisor. Then my supervisor came up to me and said, "Cara, don't worry. You are doing great and this will be easy to improve upon." My other cooperating teacher was nicer, but I still got some scores that I was disappointed with. It's taught me that I can't be perfect and won't be perfect, even after eleven years of teaching. I am learning a lot and will continue to learn a lot. Thankfully, the district has harvest break for potato harvesting. Which means I get the next week and a half off! I have three different novels to teach after harvest break and I already have two of those unit plans finished. (Planned while Tad and Afton were in California!)
Well, that's about it right now. The end is nearing and I can't wait! We will soon be in Georgia with my family! I love it! As always, here are some pictures.