Thursday, July 21, 2011

Before and After

So the other day I went to go get my hair trimmed. Then I started considering going super short and I got all excited. I couldn't help myself. This is the shortest I've gone and I love it. I'm getting half and half on the reactions. Some like it longer, some shorter. Tad is in between. Anyway, thought I'd get this in before the move!



Monday, July 18, 2011

Big news, well sort of, okay not that big News

Here I am again. I just wanted to post because I don't want it to say, "posted 3 (or more) months ago," under my name. I don't remember my longest stint but hopefully I can just keep up the consistency.

So we are moving on Saturday! Big news. We didn't get into the house we had made an offer on and so we started to look at apartments instead. Since we began to look at homes, we felt very good about moving to Hutto, which is just about 5 minutes east of Round Rock. But because we weren't getting a house we decided to just stay in the ward we are already in. We looked at apartments that we thought were within the ward boundaries. We found one and loved it. It was actually the cheapest of the 3 and it had the same or more square footage than the other ones we looked at. So come sunday we start to tell everyone that we found this apartment and will be moving on Saturday. Well, lucky for us we had 2 stake presidency members, the ward clerk and the bishop all looking into if these apartments were in the ward boundaries. Unfortunately, they are not. It's so funny, because we tried so hard to stay in this ward, but obviously the Lord has other plans for us. We are excited because we know we need to be there and we will be able to pay off the van by the end of our contract. Awesome! So that's the news for right now. I may not be blogging for a few weeks until we get all moved in. Until then!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Man!

Yesterday was Tad's 28th Birthday! Yeah!! Unfortunately we both worked most of the day. His bosses  took good care of him through the day. He got one of those jumbo round rock donuts for breakfast and Shawn (his boss) took him out for lunch. Meanwhile, I was watching their kids and we made cards for him. When we got home we left the girls with Sami, their cousin, who agreed to watch them while Tad and I went out. She is AWESOME. So I took Tad to the best restaurant ever, Texas Roadhouse! Can never have enough of those rolls and a good steak. Then we drove over to use our groupon at the Melting Pot for dessert. It was our first time there and we are definitely gonna go back. Oh man, it was like heaven in a pot and on dipping sticks! Since it was his birthday, the manager came over and gave us some "Blackberry Pomegranate Soda." Since we are not alcoholic savvy we had no idea that soda meant champagne until our server came over to see how we liked it. Don't worry we definitely didn't get drunk, at least I don't think a miniscule sip can do that to ya, but we were embarrassed and couldn't stop joking about what goobs we are! We stopped by a redbox on our way home and picked up True Grit. It was pretty good but we stayed up way past midnight watching it. Needless to say, we looked awesome this morning when the girls woke up. I am so lucky to have such a great guy in my life. I am grateful that I have been so blessed. Tad is such an loving, gentle, funny, goofy husband and father and I could not ask for anyone better to share the rest of my life with! I LOVE YOU TAD! 

P.S. This completes my updates. That's a total of 5 posts, all with pictures, so enjoy!

Surviving the summer heat!

So we got back from our trip safe and sound and have been loving spending our summer playing together. We go swimming a few times a week. Afton is learning to swim and is doing awesome. She has been very brave. She swims in the deep end with her little floatie all by herself and loves to tell you about it. We are trying to teach her to hold her breath under the water. Reesa thinks that she can hold her breath which usually results in her drinking or inhaling the water. She likes being at the pool, but Afton is definitely our water bug! I am so proud of her and her confidence in herself in being able to achieve anything. Last weekend we took the girls to Rockin' River. It this great mini water park place here. It has a little lazy river, plenty of shallow water and jungle gym things and two big slides. Tad tried one out and convinced me to do it. Of course, I'm so cool that on my way out I got completely flipped around, resulting in a major wedgie, which I am hoping onlookers didn't see, and some water up my nose! It was worth the laughs, though.   

Don't ask, I have no idea!?

Afton looking all grown up with her swoop bangs and make-up!

More trip to Georgia

Here's some more of the trip to Georgia. 

Poppy and Reesa reading books

Afton loves spending time in Jon and Lela's room, mostly because Jon was there.

This is how a lot of our nights went. Tons of Nerts/Pounce.

Aunt Lela was so nice and played outside with the girls and water balloons.

The girls got to watch some movies together.

Taking a trip to go floating down a river. It was pretty fun, but added some pain to many of our bodies. 

Had to get some family pictures. The girls loved spending time with the family and loved Uncle Tyler. I am so grateful to have such an amazing family and have them be a bit closer. It was so much fun to be with them even though we did get sick, stressed out and hurt. It was worth it to be with them for 2 whole weeks. Poor Tad only got a week in and it was probably the worst part of the trip. Everyone trying to get the wedding all organized and stressing out and then getting sick from the Noravirus afterwards! We have concluded we just need to have my family come to us next! Hope to see you guys at Christmas!