Friday, November 30, 2012

Sleeping friend

Usually, you would wake up to a spouse sleeping next to you in the mornings. Nope. Not us, it's usually this! Love that girl!

It's crazy how much she and Tad look alike. Especially when they are both like this! :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Who Ya Gonna Call?

For the month of October, the girls and I did a countdown to Halloween. We found this great printable thing from The girls loved doing it and I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty fun for me too! I tried to take pictures along the way, and I got a few, but of course I forgot the camera sometimes. It was a pretty eventful Halloween and we loved it! The house was decked and we listened to some spooky jams almost every day. So here are some of the pix I got!

Spooky Spiders

Afton and Mommy made spooky spiders!

Bobbing for Apples

 We all bobbed for apples (except Daddy, who was working). Afton was clever and after one try decided to go for the stem. Reesa was so funny to watch. And then I have the black and white picture because my allergies are crazy in the fall. My eyes are puffy from watering and sneezing, my nose is all red, my skin all splotchy, and luckily without color you can't see how bad it was!

Craft Day

Our craft we did on our bedroom doors. Afton named them both. I don't remember hers, but mine was named Frankie Door.

Face Painting

 The girls really wanted to do face paint one day, and I love doing goobery things with my girls so here they are. Reesa insisted that she wanted to be the sad clown and Afton wanted to me a mummy face. Doesn't she look exactly like a mummy? Hehehe.

 Mummy Kids and Daddy
 One of the days we wrapped the girls up like mummies. I didn't really want to unravel all my toilet paper or paper towels, so we did blankets, which I think was more fun anyway. The one where the girls are standing up, I couldn't help myself and tipped one over. She rolled right down to the ground and cracked up. That did it...they both wanted to be tipped over. Of course Daddy had to be tackled and tickled when we had him trapped! Fun times!

Pumpkin Patch
Love this one!

 It was a pretty fun pumpkin patch. We went to a place about 30 minutes away. It's a Christmas tree farm normally, but in the fall they also do a pumpkin patch. They had animals to feed and look at, a hayride, a playground, pumpkin decorating, a maze, and the cutest little shed of the perfect sized pumpkins. Afton would not get a pumpkin that was too heavy for her to carry. Reesa went right in and picked the closest, coolest one. It was so much fun taking the preschool kiddos there and just chilling the whole day long. Can't wait for Christmas, though!

They made it through the maze with only one little bit of direction from me! They have a "very innate sense of direction."

Wall of Bats

 We made a pretty cool wall of bats, don't you think so?
Halloween Lunch

We had a haunted house sandwich, pumpkin apples, and a ghost with nuts. (White chocolate)

Ward Trunk-or-Treat

 The girls were so excited for the trunk or treat. We had a chili cook-off, that was sooo yummy. We got third place. Then did the ol' asking for candy from the back of someone's car thing! Afton was a big girl, trying to go to the cars all by herself. Then they got tuckered out and just wanted to eat some candy.

All Hallows Eve

 Afton had a hard time walking normal with the classic eye hole/mouth hole ghost costume, so we had to try a different approach. It was much easier to walk normally that way. The girls got a pretty good stash this year, and I discovered that York peppermint patties and Kit Kat bars are so amazingly delicious together! Try it, seriously.

That sign is ours! I don't know when they put the sold up there, but we drive by the house about once a week. We were excited to see it there on Halloween. We are due to close Nov. 9th! Woop-yeah!