Thursday, August 9, 2012

Picture catch-up

So not too much going on here, but I have some pictures! Enjoy!

My first gray hair :( Tad needed the headlamp to make sure it was really gray.

These next few are from Dallas. Tad had a tradeshow in Plano, so we decided to make a family trip of it. It was so crazy to see how big Allen is now. And I drove by my old home, memories. We stayed in a great hotel, and got to hang out with some good friends. Thanks Sheri and Matt for letting us spend so much time with ya! Thanks Kyle and Sarah for making time to see us and hang out! We miss you all!

The girls got to spend the mornings watching cartoons. We don't have cable at home, so this was new. They got hooked and now keep trying to watch cartoons on Daddy's iPad every morning! (The had to set a new rule, no cartoons except on Saturdays.)

They have an In-N-Out all over up there! I couldn't believe and Tad almost started crying! (Not really, but he was pretty excited.) We had to stop there on our way out!

This one is funny, not only because of the goob in the front, but the one in the back who thought I was taking a picture of her!

Love, love, love this little guy! He was sooo sweet and cute. He gave me so many cuddles and I kept trying to steal him from Sheri. It was short-lived, he rode in my car.

Isn't he soooo cute with that tan skin and white hair! Love it!

The Hercules Family (love these wonderful people!)

The Hanson Family (So great to let me stay with them so much, and the boys are too cute to pass up!)

Afton's new face, she loves doing her mad face these days, thinks it's hilarious. I agree!

Dancing girls

Today the girls and I worked out, got showered, fixed our hair, and I couldn't resist taking pictures!

Love these! I can't believe my eyes when I realize how big Afton is, she so sweet! Reesa looks more like a Jensen when here hair is straight. Or at least that's what I think. Thoughts? Love my sweet goobers!