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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reesa's Favorite song

Catch up and...We're Baaack

So here we are months and months later. We finally moved to Texas and then moved into our apartment in Hutto, Tx. I somehow in all that transition lost the hook-up cord for my camera. I couldn't upload my pictures. I actually didn't realize this until I went to Best Buy and bought a usb thing to put my SD card in, which I should have done weeks before, but that's alright! Here we are and I have tons of pictures. These pictures are in no particular order. Apparently blogger cannot upload in sequential order, maybe that's one of those things they'll work on! ;) I'll post a little blurb under them to fill in on the details. Merry Christmas to you! Just kidding, though really Merry Christmas.

 We're training the girls already to be sweet southern belles...with cowgirl boots!

Daddy took some time out to play an obstacle course game with the girls. They LOVED it! Afton somehow always won with just moving the ball along with her nose! 

One day Afton went into our room and was quiet for quite a while. I went in to check on her and this is what I found.

Grandma and Grandpa came into town for Thanksgiving and one of the days they were here, we all went bowling! It was fun and Afton was awesome! Who knew? They got a little play time in the arcade area too.

 Reesa's birthday was a blast. It was princess style, if you couldn't tell. She HAD to wear her dress all day and didn't want to take it of for pj's either. She got some great gifts. We had Grandma and Grandpa as well as the other Dickersons snug in our apartment for her little bash. It turned out so fun! Reesa is a little princess. She has been the sweetest little girl, yet will dish out some attitude if needed. She loves to snuggle, loves sister, loves to sing and dance, put on mommy's shoes and jewelry, listen to music, navigate an iphone, loves Tangled and Megamind, pretty much any candy and fruit. She is gentle and loving, yet a two year old all in one! Love my chunkers!

Afton has made a habit of playing with her food while she eats and this time has decided she needs a skin graft for her nose!

Reesa getting ready for church in her new skirt and leggings from Grammy and Poppy! Thanks!

Reading books with Grandma and Grandpa.

My little Vanna Whites presenting our Christmas tree.

The Christmas socks!

Mr. Vanna White

Reesa went off into the room and was very quiet, usually that is not a good thing, but this time she was reading herself a book! It was sooo cute to just listen to her make up a little story to fit the pictures.

Family Christmas tree decorating...yes Reesa is wearing the same princess dress.

The girls are watching the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins bake in the oven...delicious!

Afton with her comfort thingy...a tinkerbell sleep mask. Do you know any three year old that needs a sleep mask? Oh yeah, we breed them high-maintenance here!

Tad and I got to go to the BYU vs UT game. We were a house divided, but I loved being able to go! We went with his brother, Scott, and his wife, Stacy. It was sooo much fun! Thanks guys!

Some of the cutest girls in the world, a couple old fogies, and some weird feet pictures= the best Christmas card EVER!

We had a family fondue night. It was delicious and well worth the mess. Reesa was afraid of herself when she found out what she looked like! Afton could care less as long as there was chocolate in her mouth. That's my girl!

Afton's first day of joyschool. She loves it and has been learning so much and making good friends. 

Me and my sweet little girl growing up too fast!

Lunch box...check. Backpack...check. Little sister tagging along...check, check!

Reesa was so exhausted one day, not sure why, and fell asleep standing up! It wasn't even nap time yet!

Reesa giving a demonstration on how to properly pick your nose.

Cutie-pies! ;)

Uncle Tyler came to visit to help me drive to Georgia for Leisha's baby. The girls LOVE him! Reesa would wake up bright and early, run into the living room and call, "Tylers!" So cute!

We took Uncle Tyler downtown to go see all the bats under Congress bridge. It's a weird thing but pretty amazing once you see it!

We had joyschool at our house for Halloween and played dress-up. The kids loved it!

One of Afton's creations.

Afton was a fairy for her Halloween party.

Ward Halloween party was a blast! Reesa was a little witch, Afton was snow white, I was a bad yearbook picture, and Tad was yet again a 70's man. He makes one good 70's man! We ended up winning the Chili cook-off and the pumpkin carving contest, with Tad's self-portrait! (Back right pumpkin, in the trunk picture) Awesome!