Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For

Well, sorry it's been a while. I get frustrated not being able to upload my pictures and never want to blog again. Lately, we haven't been doing much but the next few weeks will be crazy so I better blog now or you guys will think we'll fallen off the face of the earth.

I'll start with Tad-a-lad. He's still working the same old job which is becoming a constant struggle for him. He recently interviewed for an Accounts Payable position within the same company, but they said he was much more valuable where he is. (Plus they would have to pay him the same rate when they could pay a much less qualified person $10/hour.) He was disappointed, but not too upset having prayed about it a lot. We just kept praying that whatever our next step in life be, we would find it out through this somehow. Well, our next step is Grad school...officially. We've been saying that for a little while now, but we know that is what we need to do. Tad recently bought one of those humungo study books for the gmat and will be taking that this fall. We would like to be in school by next fall, so we'll see how that works. Tad is constantly busy and always working hard. He comes home and still manages to have enough energy to lighten my load. He teaches sunday school every other week, and is a district supervisor for home teaching. He usually takes a few nights a week to go play ultimate frisbee or just workout. What a guy! He is very excited to be seeing his family this weekend for Russell and Trish's wedding. We will head out to Oregon tomorrow after work! The last of the Dickerson's will be married!

Then there's me. I have gotten back into doing all my crafty stuff. I have made a few leg warmers for the girls which I think are adorable, but some (Tad) may argue with that. I made Afton a couple dresses, Reesa and myself a couple skirts and there's probably more to come. A sister in the ward bought my nursing cover at an auction so I made that and will be making another one for someone else in a few weeks. I really enjoy making things because I have never done it before. I am definitely not the best seamstress, but I am learning. It makes me feel productive, so if anyone is in need of something, let me know! I have been trying to get back into reading. I miss those days, when I can just sit on the couch and read a good book for an hour or so. Mostly, those days are gone because I now have two children who require much of my time. I may someday miss these days, but for now I miss the quiet reading days. The girls and I will be heading down to Georgia for a visit with my family at the beginning of June. We are so excited to just be able to have the girls get to know the family better. I love our families and wish we could live closer to them, maybe one day we'll get there. I randomly get to work out in the morning before Tad goes to work, but I hate having to wake up, so it doesn't happen very often. Other than cleaning, cooking and thousands of loads of laundry I'm not doing much.

Afton is getting so big!! I love this little girl. Just this morning I was feeding the baby back in the girl's room and Afton decided since I couldn't read her her book, she would read it to herself. She sits in an empty diaper box and reads Toy Story, Remy, and Monsters Inc. It was so cute to listen to how much of those stories that she already knows just by looking at the pictures. Some days she'll quote a page from the Monsters Inc. story to herself over and over. "'Boo,' somting said. It's liddle dirl. 'Ahhh...' Sulley steamed. Monsters thought tids were not safe." She loves to run outside, play with her sidewalk chalk, sing songs, read stories and watch movies. She gets to watch movies about once a week and watch Playhouse Disney on Saturdays, so when those times come around she loves it! She is always making Reesa laugh and is beginning to be such a good helper. Yesterday, she pulled a chair up to the counter while I was cooking dinner, grabbed the sponge and preceded to clean the dishes. She told me she cleaned all the dishes! What a big girl! We love her, even when she tells me that she's swallowed a coin, or is choking on her hair clips, or grabbing poop out of her diaper and many more wonderful things.

Reesa is such a chubby wubbers. I love this sweet little girl. She is so good and so cuddly. She wakes up every morning smiling and just chatting with herself. She loves to be held, loves to pull my hair or Afton's as much as possible. She doesn't really like fruit yet, but she loves veggies. She eats a lot, smiles a ton and loves to watch Afton run and jump around the house. She looks just like Tad minus the bigger lips. She's not rolling over or really making any effort to move in that direction, but she is almost sitting up by herself. She's just my little cutie pie!

I am so grateful for the beautiful daughters and the wonderful man in my life. It's a good life!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cutest little things!

There's another awesome giveaway at makeit-loveit.com! The cutest crafty things can be seen at www.minimebabygear.com. Go take a look!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Conspiring Mac's!

I officially hate Mac + Blogger together! Does anybody have problems uploading pictures from their Mac's to Blogger? If so, what do you do? Let me know what solutions or issues you guys have! Thanks.