Monday, May 18, 2009

Lots of Pictures!

Well, these are some long needed pictures. Russell made us a CD of all the pictures of Afton he has. This past weekend we took Afton to the Nature park, which has ponds that the ducks come to in the summer, and a little park. Russell came along and was our little photographer so her are some from that day and just some random others. We loved spending time together. I just found out there is a zoo in Idaho Falls and will be taking Afton so I'll have pictures from that too. I have to go attend to a stinky child and will hopefully be able to post more later today!


Well, as you all can see from my little side bar edition, we are expecting number two. We are not sure of the exact due date, because this really was a complete surprise, but the estimated day is November 22. However, I could be anywhere from 11-13 weeks right now, so the doctor is estimating the 13 week time table. We found out at the first of April and are very excited. So far this pregnancy hasn't been too bad. I felt much sicker with Afton, but that could also be because I know a little bit more about what to expect. As long as I am eating, constantly, I feel pretty good. I am exhausted, and don't sleep well at night, but I get a nap about every other day, so it's not too bad. Afton has been a trooper letting Mommy lounge by day and play with her at night. I love spending time with her. She's a special child and has already blessed my life more than I could have imagined. I'm excited to see what it's like the second time around. We both think it's a boy, but then again, that's what we thought about Afton. If it is we are open to any suggestions for names. We like Gabriel, but who knows. We don't get a ultrasound until we're about 20 weeks, to find out the gender, because I'm too far along to get a beginning one. I was a little sad about that but oh well. We changed doctors to a Dr. Prince. Leah had him when she was pregnant and loved him. I feel very comfortable with him. He is a family doctor so the baby can see him as well. Afton and I leave for Georgia in about a week and when we come back I'll have an appointment the next day. Then from there it's to week 20. I've got a slight pooch, but I don't think anyone else can tell. Luckily! We'll keep you updated!