Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween and other things

Well, it's been so flippin' long since I got to blogging, so hopefully this will meet everyone's expectations. First of all, Tad and I have had another child. Okay, not literally, but his brother Russell is living with us for a little bit. We all got dressed up for Halloween and went to our ward Halloween party/Trunk-or-Treat. Afton was a ladybug, I was a butterfly, Tad was a cocoon and Russell was a seventies man. We were quite a bit late, due to some costume malfuntions, but we made it and had fun. Afton had no idea what was going on and why she had to wear weird things, hence the no smiling pictures. So later, I took some video of her in her cute lil' outfit for everyone to see.

Other than that, life is great. I am still student teaching and slowly making it into the good graces of my cooperating teachers. The hardest thing for me to learn is to show every student that I care about them (even when I don't feel the strongest feelings of love) so that they can feel like I want them to succeed. It's not like college, where the professors don't have to sit with you about every missing assignment. It's time consuming and by the end of the day, I'm warn out trying to give my all to each student. It's definately worth it, though. I had an experience where one of my students was upset because he got moved to the front of the class instead of the back. I asked him why he wanted to be in the back so much and he said nobody sees him back there. I pointed out that I had. He said, "Nobody sees me but you." I felt so glad that I had taken that prompting to say "hi" to him one day and work with him on some of his assignments. There have been many times where I just had the thought, I should say something to this or that student. I did, and it's lead to great experiences.Anyway, enough about me, Tad is doing great too! He is really working hard to do well in his classes which are sometimes just too overwhelming. He's had to focus mainly on a couple and put the rest down on a level where he just does what he can and hope it's enough. Poor guy! Also, at work, his friend (who got his the job) just got fired. That was sad and then his friend (who takes half of the shift and he takes the other) put in his two week notice. So Tad felt pretty frustrated. He did get a job offer after school with the same company, but in Boise, with their finance department. I guess it's good to know that we have something coming out of school, but I don't really want to stay in Idaho! It's way too far from family, but if it's what we need to do, we'll do it.So, one last thing. Tad's brother, Russell, went to the academic advising office to try to get help on knowing what major to pick. They gave him a website to go to, that had those tests that tell you you're aptitude. Well, he took it and it basically said he should be an Accountant or something to that effect. Tad then took it, just for fun. It said that same thing that Russ' said. I took it. Can anyone guess what mine said? Dad you might laugh, but I guess this goes back to my mechanical mind. It said I should be an Aerospace Engineer. Of all the things! What in the world is it saying that for! I'm a teacher! Doesn't it know that! Apparently not, but at that moment my life flashed before my eyes. (Not really) Anyway, I thought that was interesting (and wrong).

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Alesha said...

Hey Cara!

I would like that website where you find out what job you are supposed to have...perhaps I should have been a Nursing major! ;).

I have found student teaching difficult too. You can hang in there! Have a great day!