Thursday, April 30, 2009

More updates

Well, yesterday was a busy day for me and I was feeling like it is time to "clean up this flippin' place." So I rearranged the living room, vacuumed our stained carpet, did the dishes, swept and mopped the kitchen and entry way, (even though I'll probably have to do that again today or tomorrow) and did laundry. Tad was asked to work full-time until they get another HR assistant later on in May, so I had plenty of time for that. Poor Afton. I was doing the dishes and feeding her lunch at the same time, however, the dishes got a little more attention than the lunch feeding. I went to clean the counters and table and when I turned back around she had fallen asleep in her high chair. My visiting teachers came over bringing their little girls with them and so Afton slept about 30 min. total. Oh well, she slept till 8:30 this morning. It was great. I'm quite proud of myself. I also scoured the bathroom about a week ago, so all that's left is our room, which I'm sad to say never gets any cleaning attention since Tad and I are the only ones that see it. One day. 

Tad is applying to jobs everywhere. He's had a couple offers with insurance or financial sales type companies, but I don't really feel like that's what he would be happy with. He is going down to Austin, Texas to make some contacts there, courtesy of his brother Scott. We are so grateful for family. I think we've been able to spend more time together now that we have in our whole marriage because of the job that he has. (Before the full-time thing.) We were trying to remember what it was like before we had Afton, and realized we were both full-time students and both of us worked at different times so we never saw each other. That's why it seems like there wasn't a time before Afton. 

Afton and I will be heading down to Georgia in about three and a half weeks for Leisha's wedding. Weird?! For some reason I expected to be the only one married for a while. We are so excited and can't wait. In the meantime, I spend my day with the cutest baby, I guess she's not really a baby anymore, the cutest little toddler. I'm getting a little tired of the "shishee" movie (Finding Nemo), but have unsuccessfully been able to transfer her attention to any other disney/pixar movie. She gets completely mesmerized by it, which reminds me how much she is like her daddy. She loves to go outside and lets me know she's ready by walking up to me and saying "bye-bye" and then walking to the door. She doesn't like grass, but she loves to walk around. I've been teaching her some words (shoes, cheese, juice) and some more sign language. She already knows "more," "thank you," and "please," so now we are working on Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, and drink. She learns things so fast. When I was loading the dryer yesterday I was letting her play with a sponge I had cleaned. I turned around and she was scrubbing the floor with it. Then when I grabbed her hand to go outside, she walked out, put the sponge on the sidewalk and started scrubbing that too. I guess all this desire to clean will come in handy when she's older. (I think it's the "Clean-up" song we sing that gives her inspiration.) She loves to brush her teeth. She shows me who Jesus is and loves to sing, especially if she gets to bounce on mommy's lap. Anyway, I love being home with her and watching her learn and grow. It's a good life. 

Here's some pictures from easter and other things. Okay I'll post the pictures later.

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Jonathan and Andrea Forsyth...and baby said...

good luck with the job hunt! we're getting ready to officially be done with college life here in a month - it's such a weird feeling. and leisha's getting married?!?! crazy! and exciting. have fun in georgia - i've spent the past six years trying to get back down south:)