Monday, August 3, 2009

Grapes, guns and naps

So we've been trying to keep Afton on a diet of fresh fruits to help out with her regularity. (Sorry if that's too much info.!) She loves grapes and blueberries and just loves to stuff her mouth full of them. Here's a few pictures.
Also, recently we had some friends that were moving out of the ward come to clean their apartment. While they were here, they let Tad and I use their gun to go shooting. (My first time!) Tad usually goes with Dan, but they were pretty busy, so I got to go along. I did hit the target the first time, however it must have been beginners luck because I didn't do too well after that. It was pretty cool though, to have a gun in my hand and learn how to use it. Watch out for me now! Tad was pretty awesome, but that's no surprise, at least to me. I usually hear that he's pretty good. It was a fun day and we came home to a silly girl wanting to do some shooting herself, I guess. :)Aww... so cute. Daddy taking a little nappy and Afton being cute.

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