Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our New Car

We did it! We bought our first car! It's definitely not what we had in mind for our family, but it fits what we need. After we were searching for about 6 months for the type of car that we thought we wanted we didn't really find anything that jumped out at us. (Well, actually Tad found a few he liked but I didn't want to spend as much as he was willing to spend.) A couple weeks ago we both made a list of things we needed in a car and things we wanted. I finally sat down with him one night and took a look at some of the websites he'd been looking at. I had this little feeling that we should check out vans too, even though I was very against having a van. (Just because of the look. I'd rather have a crossover or SUV.) This is what we found.

It's a Chevy Uplander. I know, I know, it's ugly. But we decided that looks are more of a want than a need. Yesterday, the girls had fallen asleep on the way to get Daddy from work and I didn't want to go home and wake up Afton. (She hasn't been taking naps lately.) We decided we'd just drive around the dealerships and look around, then we'd head to Rigby to check out those dealerships. Well, the second one we pulled into here in Rexburg had that Uplander we had looked at online. So Tad went in to see if we could test drive it. We took it for a spin and checked out all the different features. It was exactly what we needed. And it was definitely in our price range. We had saved some money and gotten our tax return back so we could put a pretty good down payment on it. We also paid off our credit card and furniture, so that ups our credit score a bit. (We were so excited to be debt free, except for our student loans!) We talked to the sales person about the price and he said they had it at 13,900, but online it was 12,900. I had done some research a couple days before and the blue book price was about 600 cheaper. We made an offer and got a great monthly payment for our budget. We walked away with a new car! It wasn't what we had planned on but apparently there were others who were interested in this car. Too bad we got there first. It was originally in Idaho Falls, but they had brought it out here for someone who was looking into it. We're lucky they did! We love that it has a DVD player in it because we will be driving out to Oregon for Russell's wedding in May and now have a way to keep Afton from crying the whole drive long! It has room for more than just the four of us and it has more that two cup holders. I don't know why that's such a big deal to me, but I love it. Anyway, here we are, growing up! Making our first big purchases as a family!


The Hardy Things in Life said...

What fun!! That is so exciting!! A new car is always fun! You guys are so grown up!!

Alesha said...

Oooh, way to be grownup! A new car is always fun. I hope you enjoy it. I really need to come up there and meet your little Reesa and have you meet our guy Calvin. Baby time! Yippee!