Saturday, March 20, 2010

I know, I know it's been forever

It's been forever! I can't believe how long it's been. A lot has happened, as you can tell by all the pictures, but I still have more to post. I hope I can get this video uploaded so we'll see.

Anyway, Afton's birthday was on the 16th of February. The Saturday before we took her to this place called R-jump at the movie theater here in town. It's just a bunch of inflatable things to slide and jump on. She didn't really like those but she did like the mats all over the floor. She would run up and down them and jump all over them. We got some cotton candy too which she didn't really like and ended up feeding to me. On Tuesday we just had our cousins, Katie and Dallin, come over for dinner/cake and presents. It took me about two days to make her cake. I made a very dumbed down version of Mickey Mouse clubhouse. This was my first experience with fondant and it took a long time but it was fun to learn something new. She got some great presents and she has enjoyed them all. I can't believe that she is already 2! I look at her and just keep thinking where did all that time go. She's so big. She's a great helper too. She loves to do things for me, or Reesa or Tad. However, not so much for herself. Strange, but true. She loves Pixar movies and Playhouse Disney, but she also LOVES books and singing songs. She can sing the alphabet, Wheels on the Bus (and all the verses), Do as I'm Doing and many more. My favorite thing is at night when I put her to bed I usually will sit with her, stroke her hair and talk to her about how good she was that day, sometimes she will put her hand to my face and stroke it. I love those moments when she will just randomly show me so much affection. Or when we can just sit and laugh and laugh. She is a great daughter and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

Reesa is the cutest little happy baby ever! She is a great sleeper, eater, and laugher(?)! I love to try to make her laugh. She's just a ball of fun. She loves to jabber, be held, and she absolutely LOVES to watch and talk to Afton. Every night after family prayer in the girls room, we try to have Afton talk to Reesa. Reesa will just crack up laughing. It is by far the best moment of motherhood I have had. I love these girls!!

Tad is a working maniac. He has been trying to work out some issues with his technicians and other stuff at work. After his shift, he will have to drive to Rigby or worst case scenario, Idaho Falls and back about twice a week, sometimes more to drop off R&D samples. But he does get a little bit of release when he gets to play Ultimate Frisbee on Tuesday nights. Saturdays are definitely sleep-in days for him. Every other Sunday he teaches Gospel Doctrine and he tries to be as active in church activities/services as possible.

I am not doing much, just staying at home and trying to keep the house clean, after Afton has decided to line the floors with paper to jump on. Wednesdays, I take the girls to a playgroup which has been great for us to get some time out of the house. I quit my monthly trial at the gym so I am trying to get as much exercise as possible without having to pay an arm and a leg for gym memberships. I tried doing Zumba which is pretty fun and a great work-out, but the times don't usually correspond with my available time. I don't have a calling yet, other than a visiting teacher, but I have found that that deserves a lot of my attention. Not that these women are needy, but I have had many callings in Visiting Teaching capacities that have helped me to realize the importance of making sure I am doing all that is necessary for these sisters. I have been really wanting to start something of my own, a business of some kind, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

Well, that's it for now!

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