Saturday, May 1, 2010

Conspiring Mac's!

I officially hate Mac + Blogger together! Does anybody have problems uploading pictures from their Mac's to Blogger? If so, what do you do? Let me know what solutions or issues you guys have! Thanks.


The Hardy Things in Life said...

We have a Mac and I have never had any problems with uploading my pictures!! Sorry!! But hopefully you will get some other feedback, because I would love the see pics of the girls!!

Jennifer said...

We have a mac too, and I have never had a problem! I hope you figure it out! I know for us, some websites dont work on firefox, so we switch to safari. I don't know... you might want to try that! Good luck friend!

Marie said...

Also, Mac but no problem! I usually "duplicate" the pictures I want to use and then "export" them in a smaller size onto the desktop. Then once they've downloaded, I just trash them to keep the desktop clean. I hope you figure it out because I want to see all of these crafts!