Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Move to TEXAS!!

We made it! We are finally here in Round Rock, Texas! After a 26 hour or so drive we made it! We started on Wednesday because my brother-in-law just can't sit still so we headed down. However, the weather was pretty bad and we were super sleepy so we made it to Pocatello. Not very far, we probably could have gone back, but oh well. The next day we woke up early and headed out for a long drive. Reesa got a bit car sick and threw up but luckily Leisha was in the car with me helping out. (Which meant she got throw up all over her! Poor Leisha, she's a trooper!) After that both the girls just did their thing...ate snacks, colored, watched movies. They were so good! It was a long day with about 11 hours. Then we stopped in New Mexico for the night and woke up early again. We wanted to go all the way this next day, but could only make it to some place in west Texas called Snyder. We stayed at this super nice hotel and went to get some steak at some place called The Shack. Yeah, it looks like it sounds but the food was awesome! We were worried but it turned out super yummy. The next day we had about 5 hours left and it seemed like it was the longest day. I was just so excited and it seemed like it shouldn't be too long, but it was crazy. We got here and sat down to some pizza and chit-chatted with Tad's brother and sister-in-law. It was so nice. They were sooooo sweet letting us stay here till we get into a house. We've got our own room and it has been so nice to have them around to talk to and show us the ropes around here. My parents showed up just a couple hours after us so that was nice too. We celebrated Afton's birthday that evening. Stacy was awesome and had a whole set-up for her...table cloth, balloons, presents, and ice cream cake! Delish!
On Monday we took my family down to UT campus in Austin and had so much fun. We all came back decked out in our Longhorns shirts and stuff. We went to this amazing place for dinner called the Saltlick. They are pretty awesome and have roast beef, sausage, ribs and turkey in this amazing sauce. They gave these huge portions and we were stuffed, rolling ourselves out the door. I had to say good-bye to my family that night, but it was for the better. My Dad had an interview at this place in Fort Worth. We are all hoping that he gets this job and is able to sell their house. If he gets it they'd only be a few hours away! How awesome would that be? So yeah, I was excited to hear about the interview but sad to say good-bye. Somehow it doesn't seem so bad as before because they are sooo much closer than before!! I don't have any pictures of the trip because I packed my camera! How smart am I? But it has been so awesome. Sadie, my 8-year old neice, just loves Afton and takes her around everywhere and plays with her all the time. During the school day she plays with Shane, my 4-year old nephew and they get along pretty well. So I feel like I'm down to one child. Even then, Reesa just follows them around and plays with all the toys. What a life?! Tad and I can't wait to get a house but hope that it will be close them Scott and Stacy and their kids! They are amazing and I am so grateful for their generosity. Stacy is the sweetest person and I have adult interaction all day! We have loved it so far and just hope that we don't drive them crazy! Well, I will post soon hopefully with pictures of Afton's birthday from my dad's camera.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day! The girls and I had a small but good valentines. We woke up pretty early and got to making some yummy breakfast. I made some pink chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. We all gobbled them up, especially Reesa who let the floor have some too. After a little packing up I gave the girls their valentines and told them how much they were loved. We played around and danced to some music...and then went back to packing. I got a great gift from Reesa who let me hold her while she drank her bottle and fell asleep. She is usually not wanting me to hold her while she eats, but it was sweet. Afton and watched a little Wallace and Gromit and played around. It was so fun to just be goofy all day. Reesa's been so funny trying to tickle everybody and Afton gave me a nice hairdo today, brushing my hair while I relaxed. One of those moments you won't forget! Loved it! We went to the store to get some more candy, because I realized I had no chocolate on valentine's and that's just not right. So I got some on sale candy for us. After we got home Russell and Trish (Tad's brother and his wife) came and gave me a balloon and a box of chocolates! Who knew I had such amazing in laws who remember me!? It was so sweet! I'm so lucky! Tad and I got to skype for a little bit as well, so that was nice. It won't be long till we are back together. It's been a long, hard time without him (okay not that long but it seems forever!!) and I cannot wait!

Anyway, we'll be moving here on Thursday, so I probably won't post for a few days or more than a next time I'll be posting we'll be in TEXAS! and I'll have pictures!