Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day! The girls and I had a small but good valentines. We woke up pretty early and got to making some yummy breakfast. I made some pink chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. We all gobbled them up, especially Reesa who let the floor have some too. After a little packing up I gave the girls their valentines and told them how much they were loved. We played around and danced to some music...and then went back to packing. I got a great gift from Reesa who let me hold her while she drank her bottle and fell asleep. She is usually not wanting me to hold her while she eats, but it was sweet. Afton and watched a little Wallace and Gromit and played around. It was so fun to just be goofy all day. Reesa's been so funny trying to tickle everybody and Afton gave me a nice hairdo today, brushing my hair while I relaxed. One of those moments you won't forget! Loved it! We went to the store to get some more candy, because I realized I had no chocolate on valentine's and that's just not right. So I got some on sale candy for us. After we got home Russell and Trish (Tad's brother and his wife) came and gave me a balloon and a box of chocolates! Who knew I had such amazing in laws who remember me!? It was so sweet! I'm so lucky! Tad and I got to skype for a little bit as well, so that was nice. It won't be long till we are back together. It's been a long, hard time without him (okay not that long but it seems forever!!) and I cannot wait!

Anyway, we'll be moving here on Thursday, so I probably won't post for a few days or more than a next time I'll be posting we'll be in TEXAS! and I'll have pictures!


Melody said...

It sounds like you had a really fun Valentine's day! It must be fun with two beautiful girls. :)

Good luck with the move! Where in Texas are you moving to again?

Meagan and Sean said...

I miss you too Cara! I always look at your blog too! GOOD LUCK WITH THE MOVE! Do you want to make a de-tour in Florida? My friend Mandy lives in Killeen which is so close to you! Man I miss you! What are you up t0--other than changing your life and location?!