Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back to Life

We moved...and that's not my only excuse for being away from the blogging world. I have plenty like taking care of two kids, and babysitting others from time to time; trying to take care of my yard which resembles more of a collection of weeds; I just happened to be released from 1 of my 3 callings today; our co-op preschool that I organized just finished; hmmm...what else can I come up with? Well, anyway, you get the gist. So let me see, what fun things can I tell you about...we are loving our home. It is such a blessing to have a place where we are able to feel comfort, peace, and just have fun. We are pretty busy trying to keep up with home life and our church callings. Tad is still in the bishopric, and I am teaching in RS, and looking forward to camp in July. I was just released from ward music chair, and thank goodness (I'm bad!) because I was just starting to get busy with my camp calling. I am doing crafts and am sooo excited to spend time with the YW. So that part of life is rich and busy.

The girls are sooooooooooo amazing. They are so big now and I watch them sometimes playing or just sitting or sleeping and think what a blessing it is to have these two daughters of God in my life. I don't know how I am so blessed. I remember one morning Reesa came into bed. Tad was getting ready for work so I thought she'd go and follow him around, but she just laid there. I turned over toward her and gave her a hug. She then grabbed my face and gave me kissies on the cheek and said "good morning, Mom." So sweet! Afton has been really interested in learning about animals. She will constantly be telling me random facts about animals that she's learned. Our conversations on the way home from church today sounded something like this, "Hey Mom, do you know what rattlesnakes have?" "Umm...what do you mean?" "Did you know that rattlesnakes have poison that can kill you?!" I learn something every day! Did you know that wombat poo is square? Look it up! Daddy didn't believe us for a long time! :) Everytime she tells me something she's learned I realize how much she is going to LOVE school. I will most likely be balling my eyes out, but she assures me that it has to happen. She has to grow up. Boo. Reesa and I will have to comfort each other, but she's good at that, if you haven't guessed from previous stories. I'm trying to remember funny stories recently, but since instagram and facebook are a little faster than blogging, I've put most of it on those.

So in the meantime, pictures will have to do.

Here's pix from random times, Reesa's birthday, and our home!

So beautiful...
Birthday Girl

These next ones are the house...

This is the loft area upstairs, which is the play room

Girls bathroom

Girls room

Other bedroom upstairs...otherwise known as the random storage room

Views from the front door

Living room looking onto the master bedroom door which isn't open 'cause we all know where boxes go...

Kitchen/Dining Room

Front of the house


Laundry room

1/2 bath

Afton decided she wanted to cut her hair short

Reesa the ballerina

Reesa and her black eye (3rd time!!)

Reesa was trying to reach something one day, said she couldn't so Afton volunteered to help her! Hehehehe!

Lazy Sunday


Blogwalker said...

Haha very cute kid. :D

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