Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Pa-tooties!

A good friend of mine has a very cute boy that I get to watch sometimes. Well, in return she took pictures of my sweet girlies! I was so excited and even more excited after I witnessed how good she was! Yay!! I needed some new pictures of them, big time and can't wait to get them up in their room and pretty much all over the house. :) On the drive, I was explaining to the girls how to smile like we are so happy, and not like we sometimes smile when we don't want to be. We did examples and everything. Well, as soon as she asked the girls to smile, they got their goober faces on and so if you see some goofies, just know...they're Tad's kids! :) Just kidding, I totally claim them with all their quirks and silliness! So enjoy!


Tara Johnson said...

Gorgeous!!! Just like their mommy!

Hercules Family said...

Wow they are so beautiful!!! And getting so big! We sure miss you guys:)

Alex and Shila said...

Your girls are ridiculously beautiful!

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ชื่อที่แสดง said...

Wow they are so beautiful!!! And getting so big! We sure miss you guys:)