Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas at the Jaunty Jensens

I have a lot of pictures to post, but not much to update otherwise. We are back in Idaho after a great Christmas with my family in Georgia. Tad, Afton, and I flew out the week before Christmas although at first we planned on driving (thanks to Tad's parents for the plane ride)! It would have been a crazy drive, but the flight was not bad at all. Afton was great, waving to all the cranky people in the airport and sleeping most of the plane ride long. Even when she was awake, she was great. Of course when we finally got home she was the hit of the party. Everyone loved her and she misses all the family's attention. (Not that she doesn't get enough here!) We had so much fun, basically living and breathing games with the family the whole time we were there. We played Foosball, Perudo (liar's dice), Scrabble, Catch Phrase, and basketball as much as we could. Tad and I got to spend time with my parents Christmas shopping while Aunt B (Bethy) babysat. Thanks Bethy for all the babysitting!! We also got to go on a date to Chili's and got the best dessert ever made, the Chocolate Molten Cake, because of the free babysitters. I don't know how long it had been since we had been on a real date.
Christmas was a little different this year with all of the kids all grown up and not believing in Santa anymore. But we still felt the spirit of love and giving which is most important. I wished that we had had more to give, but it was just great to see Afton being able to spend time with her Grammi, Grampi, and aunts and uncles. We got more than we could have ever wanted at Christmas, not just in our presents under the tree. That day when we can all be together, with no traveling distance between us all, will be the best day. I love spending time with family! So back to the itinerary, we also went on a hike (Tad and I) with my dad. We had a graduation party mixed with a birthday party for Caitlin, our neighbor. That was the day we persuaded Beth, Jon, and Tyler to do the sweater chicken. Bethy, you should post that video! Last, because it was the worst part, everyone got sick, except for Mom, me and Afton, luckily. It was the worst flu scenerio ever! With a house full of sickies and a baby I was definately stressing out. Luckily it all ended well and it was toward the end of the trip instead of earlier.
We loved every minute of our vacation and being able to see my family, which doesn't happen very often. Hopefully, it can happen more often this year. We love you guys!!

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Alesha said...

My my, but you have had a busy time blogging! I was wondering when I was going to see new cute photos of Afton. I can't believe she's almost a year old! I am glad you're back, although I think the disrespect you have shown the land of spud has withheld the repent now!