Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The most amazing Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was so fun and amazing. First, Leah and I sat and talked secretly how we knew the boys were planning secret stuff for us on Valentine's. We tried to guess, but we were a little off. We woke up and Tad took us over to Joe and Leah's for breakfast. Tad and Joe made us pink heart-shaped pancakes and sausage. It was delicious. Then they took us sledding in a little kiddie pool out at the park. It was kind of an interesting situation, but we had fun anyway. We took pictures, but they are on Joe and Leah's camera, so I'll get them later. We went back to their place to watch a movie, eat some lunch and just chill. We came home, did some cleaning/homework and waited around for dinner to be made by my amazing husband. He made us spaghetti, breadsticks, some veggies, and a dessert tray of oreo's and chocolate almond bars. It was all delicious. Then it was gift time. I recreated the time when Tad proposed, in our living room, and told him we're finally going to get him a new ring. Tad got me a beautiful necklace, some Lindtt chocolate and lots of love! 

Sunday we came home from church and Afton had not slept at all that day. I put her in her high chair for  lunch really quick and I look; she fell asleep. It was so cute.

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