Monday, November 2, 2009


This Halloween was a little sporadic for us, but it was still fun. We had a ward party on Thursday and Afton was Boo from Monster's Inc. She looked perfect! I was going to be Sylia and Tad was going to be Mike but we didn't have enough time to do our costumes. We made dessert for the ward party and just went and had a fun time watching Afton play around. On Halloween morning, we carved our pumpkins and I have to day I'm quite proud of us. We did a pretty good job! Afton thought all the gook inside was pretty gross so it was funny to watch her act like she liked playing with it. We were going to take her trick-or-treating but it was cold and she liked opening the door for all the trick-or-treaters and giving them some treats. We did teach her to say trick-or-treat, which was the cutest thing ever. All in all it was a pretty good day. Tad's pumpkin was this wolf and mine was the witch, but that picture isn't loading now. I'll see if I can't get it up later with more pictures and a video of Afton.

Also, some updates: I had to go to the doctor's again on Friday because he was going out of town this week so he went ahead to check and see if I'm progresssing. I'm dilated to a one and 50% effaced. Not huge news, but it's more than when I was prego with Afton. Reesa is such a mover who knows what will happen. So the next couple weeks could bring a new baby into our family! We are excited!


Leah and Joe said...

Afton is so cute!! I can't believe how old she is, it is crazy how much she has grown since we saw you last!! And I can't believe that you are going to have a baby like ANY DAY!! Yikes!! We can't wait to see little Reesa!!

Andrea :) said...

She makes the perfect Boo! I love it! What a great idea! :)

kelsey j said...

Afton does look adorable. I can't believe you are about to have your baby. Crazy how fast it goes by, but so exciting. I can't wait to see Reesa. I'm sure she will be just as beautiful as Afton.

brumacd said...

Oh, that's such exciting news!! You'll have to let us know when you have the baby and post some pictures as soon as you can!!!
Afton is getting SO big! I can't believe how fast kids seem to grow!

Sounds like you guys had a fun Halloween! We need to come up again soon!

Katie said...

i really think that Garrison looks so much like Afton when she was little. She made the perfect boo. Too bad you and Tad didnt get to dress up, I would have liked to see that =)