Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A day at the zoo

So one of the other things we did this past summer was go to the zoo in Idaho Falls. I thought it might be a bit dinky, but it turned out much better than I thought. Unfortunately, the little snow leopard was the last thing I got a picture of. After that we saw a lion and lioness. The lion would just stare at this little baby. Then he'd walk around and come back to watching the baby. Kind of creepy, but cool too! They had zebras, flamingos, turtles, monkeys, birds of all kinds, the little lambs that Afton got to feed. At first she thought it was fun and then they started to scare her. The monkeys were soooo cool! We saw so many and they were all very interactive. The craziest thing were these HUGE turtles. So big they had a hard time walking. I thought they were animatronics. This lady next to me said she'd found out that they were real. It was insane! 
At the end we went into the little gift shop to just look around and they had these masks. Tad was holding Afton on his shoulders and I decided to try on the lion mask. I walked around and stopped in front of them and growled. I have never seen Afton so scared and heard her scream sooo loud! It cracked me up, as well as the cashiers. Afton just screamed in her sweet little alto voice for like 30 seconds. Oh man, what a way to end a great day! 

 Here's Afton checking out the cool little penguins. 

And then there's my little open-mouthed Reesa! She was sooo good!

These two bears got in a little tiff right in front of us! Pretty crazy!

 There were two camels and this was a lazy one, but their humps were all wobbly. It was funny.

 This was a leopard. He just kept sitting there so this was the best we could do.

 There was a tiger in the whole and you can kind of see the form of him in there, but he wouldn't come out.

 Tad and Afton just being goofy!

Here's another picture of the leopard. I wish that post wasn't in the way, but there were like five other people trying to take a picture around me.

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Tara Johnson said...

you girls are gorgeous Cara, seriously!!!