Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here's something

Well, here I am, a day later than I thought, but it's for good reason. We were decorating yesterday. Afton and Tad and I made Halloween decorations on Monday night for FHE. We didn't get them all finished and put up because it was bed time so yesterday Afton and I finished it up. It looks sweet! Afton was such a good helper coloring and telling me everything looked good. She's so sweet! I'll post pictures as soon as I take some. ;) Anyway, I think I need to finish up with my summer posts.

After we got back from Georgia, I bought a little kiddie pool for the girls and had tons of fun sitting out in the sun with them. Reesa loved just playing with toys in the water. Afton loved running from the pool all over the yard and tracking that grass into the pool for Reesa to eat. Isn't she so nice? We took the girls to the zoo as well. It was soooo much fun. It was actually a nicer zoo than I thought it was going to be and the animals were pretty cool. Afton had a great time running around looking at all of the different animals and Reesa was just chillin' in the stroller. Other than that we didn't do much, but it was a great summer hanging out with family and each other! So here are a few pictures!

Apparently, blogger is going under construction and is having issues until then, so in the meantime enjoy this little treat of a picture! This is Reesa by the way, just an alien version!

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Alesha said...

I love the festive wallpaper. Very nice. Thanks for the update...can't wait for more!