Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pictures and more!

Okay, this has all been a long time comin.' So we have been having a blast here in Round Rock with Scott and Stacy and their family. You'd think it would be a big adjustment moving in with another family, but it has been awesome. Stacy is so sweet and is on top of everything which makes life so much easier. The kids have so much fun together. I know their young, but I hope they will remember at least some of this time that they have had together. Shane and Afton have their good days and bad days, but it's like brother and sister. Some days it's so fun to watch them laugh and play together and others they are just butting heads (literally). You think I'm joking but yesterday they were fighting about something and were head to head pushing each other. The wills were strong, but we parted them before we found out who would win. Reesa is so cute just following them around or escaping to the backyard. She has discovered how easy these doors are to open so she can go anyway if they are left unlocked. She LoVeS playing outside. She is growing super fast saying so many things. She says, "Mama," "Dadda," "Sissa" (Sister), "Aton" (Afton), "Lela" (Leisha), "Aun B" (Aunt B), "What's Dat," "Oh Yeah," "Seesa" (Reesa), "Eye," "Weeeee," "Uh-oh" and probably her favorite, "hi."
She sings in her little voice all the time and it is sooo cute. Afton is a little singer too and is learning so many songs with all the words. We went camping and had a talent show and she wanted to sing the ABC's. She did it perfectly. So cute! Afton is getting more strong-willed, but it is a silent thing. The other night I came home from running and it was about 9:15. There she was playing with Lego's in the playroom downstairs. I came upstairs with her and Tad said he had put her down about 45 minutes ago. Little stinker has learned to sneak out of her room already! Reesa will wake up so bubbly and babbling to herself in the morning. I am usually still tired but I just have to smile when I see her little face and hear her say, "Wat's dat?" She makes a lot of animal sounds but her favorite is the dog, which doesn't really sound like a dog, more like a mouse, but what can ya do? She's only 16 months. My favorite is her kitty cat. She offsets her jaw and the cutest little "me-owwww" comes out. Love it. One night I was telling Afton about getting married in the temple and I told her she had to be a good girl to go there. She quickly responded, "Yeah, I actually am." Well, I'm glad we're done with that step. Done and done. She says the funniest things! They are growing up too fast.

I am doing great. Staying busy. Stacy is teaching me all her great freezer meal recipes. It's been awesome only cooking once a month. I had never even thought about all the possibilities of that before, but I am loving it. Since it's actually possible to be oustide here without having your extremities freezing off, I have been running. Stacy has been nice enough to share her friends with me. The had started a running group and so every Monday we go running. Wednesdays we usually do Just Dance 2 on the Wii or Pilates. Which are actually pretty taxing exercises. Saturday mornings we try to go running too. We usually run about 3 to 3.5 miles with all the girls. I am trying to increase my distance because I want to do this half marathon. Saturdays I tend to go by myself and do a big run. It's been awesome! I hated running before but have come to love it. It's that out that makes you feel stress free afterwards and you get healthy in the meantime. So far I have lost 5 lbs and my goal is to lose 8 more. If I can do that I'll be back to my high school weight! How crazy would that be? The half marathon I want to do is in August down in Galveston. It would be around our anniversary so we were thinking of heading down and going to Schlitterban down there as well. So many possibilities when you live in a warmer climate! I also got a calling as the Laurel Advisor. Stacy is the YW President so it's not very surprising, but I am loving it. We have amazing young women who have made me feel so welcomed. It keeps me busy and I am learning so much.

Tad is doing great at his job. He loves working with these amazing people, Shawn and Margaret. They are so inspiring and are really trying to be good, genuine people. He keeps pretty busy with his job working until about 6:30-6:45 everyday. He goes in about 9 in the morning, but I love having that hour to hour and a half before he goes to work. He is also Second Counselor in the Sunday School Presidency. So far he hasn't gotten many assignments because the President has been out of town, but last week he got to conduct Sunday School and ring the bell! How lucky! He is loving being a Texan and we are excited to see what more is in store for us! With that said, here are a bunch of pictures courtesy of Sami and Sadie because I don't know where my camera is!

 Reesa being super cute.

 Afton and Reesa love having a backyard!

Afton, my little goober.

 Silly little girl!

 Oh Tad, my main squeeze! Hehehe!

She is sooo happy!

 Afton is super cute!

 Afton, Shane and Sadie play together a lot! and love it!

Sadie loves my little girls! She's like their second mother!

Stacy was so excited about this jello thing I made. (Recipe on Our Best Bites blog.)

Afton has learned to work the CD player and loves listening to stories on it.

Stacy and I took the kids to the Austin Zoo

Here we are posing in all our Zoo glory! (Sadie is like Oh girls really?!)

We also went camping with some friends at this beautiful place! This is also where I did my first 5K.

Goofy girls!

Sami-lami! So cute!

Us again...Stacy's camping look is so much more attractive than mine!

Reesa loved this little slide and never wanted to get off.

Uncle Tad doing breakfast!

Sadie loving on Reesa!

Afton and Sadie getting ready to go swimming!

Reesa's getting her sunblock ready.

This was Barton Springs where we went swimming. It was soooo cold!

We also took the kids to the park and had a picnic!

Afton, again my goober!

Here we are again!

Reesa is making new friends. She loves saying, "hi!"


Alesha said...

I was hoping you made it to Texas! I'm glad that everything is working so well for you down there. I loved the pictures. Also, go you for being all fit and stuff. We're sure going to miss you in the colder climates, but maybe we'll see you sometime. Stay in touch!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh Cara!!1 You guys look like you are having so much fun! I would like to know about these freezer meals!!! Please let me in on the secret. I miss you but I am so glad you are having fun! I am jealous about the running thing. I wish I could run with you! i am excited for you to do a half marathon. I am totally wanting to do that. Good luck with it. I miss you guys!!

Meagan and Sean said...

I am so glad you updated your blog!!! (like I am one to talk)...but I am happy to see how your life is in TX!!! How is everything going? Sounds wonderful to have friends and family there! I can't believe how big Reesa is! Love your little girls! How are yoU?