Friday, April 1, 2011

Beeve Teef

So March 29th is a big day! Well for some of was my sister Beth's birthday. She turned the big 20. I don't remember much about us as kids, but Bethy was super teeny and cried...a lot. There's a picture that I love because it totally fits her and my other sister Leisha. I wish I had it, but an explanation will have to do. They are both little toddlers and are sitting on the bed and Leisha has her arm around Beth and has this huge smile on her face. Bethy, on the other hand, is screaming crying. So funny! Lucky for us she grew out of that stage. Before we moved down to Texas, Bethy was up at school in Idaho while we were there. I loved having her so close. I was trying to distract her from her studies pretty much everyday. Bethy is funny, has a great laugh, is willing to take a few jokes, and just wants to be a good person. She is very strong-willed and ready to stand up at a moments notice. I'm so glad that she was up there for a little while and I'm super glad she's my SiS! Put us all in one room and crazy fun times will ensue! Love you Bethy! Hope your birthday was AwEsOmE! 

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