Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New background...new post?!

Yes, there is a new background and even a new header. However, since moving to Texas I have misplaced my camera which has made posting a little, uh, sparse. So sorry, but I have to rely on others cameras which I keep forgetting to ask for. I always thought I was more organized than to be one of those that would not lose their camera in situations like this, but I guess I'm not as organized as I thought I was. The real thing is that to find it, I'd have to go through our storage unit and that just would not be advisable! So tomorrow, hopefully, I will have stories from our past few weeks of adventures and maybe some pictures. Hopefully you all can control yourselves until then. We are a pretty popular blog here, so just cool your jets and I'll post as soon as I can (or have time, or want to...)!

See ya soon!

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Melody said...

I tend to put off posting until I have some pictures to accompany it. It sounds like you guys are still doing well down there in TX, so I'll just wait for your next update. Your girls are so cute!