Monday, May 30, 2011

Quick update!

So I found my camera finally but we leave tomorrow for Georgia! Yeah!! Can't wait! So I have some pictures from Tad's iphone that I will put up instead. I do have a few pictures to put up from Sami's camera and mine, but those will have to wait till we get back!

Reesa is such a goober! One night at bed time she could not stop smooshing her face on her pack and play!

Reesa and her allergies!

We went on a campout and Afton got a tinkerbell bedding set. It had this sleep mask and she slept amazingly! So funny!

Afton LOVES trying on shoes!

This is what we do a lot! Roll the ball with Reesa.

I don't remember when these were, but she must have been exhausted!

Oh my sleepy girl!

Things around here are getting better and better! Tad got a raise, already. Our plan was to have a good amount saved by September time so we could get started on the house thing. Now we are hoping to move that up a bit. We have been looking around here in Round Rock for a home and have found a couple that we liked. Then we discovered Hutto. Oh yes, Hutto. A small town just east of Round Rock. The property taxes there are amazing!! We have found that we can get more square footage for cheaper prices, so that may be the place for us. We haven't felt any overwhelming feelings about it yet beside the fact that it is cheaper. I am so excited! We will hopefully be making offers on houses in August. That's sooo soon! Can't wait. Tad is an amazing worker and has made a great bond with his bosses. We couldn't ask for better people to be working for. We are so blessed to be here and to have all that we have and yet continue to be blessed everyday!


Meagan and Sean said...

I can't believe you are going to buy a house!!! This is crazy!! So excited for you guys! I really wish that I could come up to GA again! I just can't afford it! Y'all can come down here to the beach though if you want?! :) I miss you so much! Have a safe trip!

Meagan and Sean said...

Take pics and tell Beth I said Take Luck!!!

matthewandsherihanson said...

Hey there! there is a chance we are moving to austin! That is close right? i will keep you posted! Your girls are sooo cute!

Meagan and Sean said...

By the way...I almost chose that SAME background!! I love yellow and gray! I want to see pics from Beth's wedding!