Friday, October 7, 2011

Fun times

So we have been in Georgia the past week. The girls have been loving it and I'm loving it too, just wish that Daddy were here with us though!

A couple nights ago, I'm putting the girls down to bed and after prayers we give everybody huggies and kissies. So Afton and Reesa are giving each other huggies and just kind of giggling, then Afton gets the idea to fall, holding on to Reesa, onto her little air mattress. She landed right on top of Reesa and they both cracked up laughing. They did it over and over again. I didn't want to put them to bed, because it was so cute and fun to watch them play "rough" and love it! I know they won't always have those "I love you sister" moments but I sure hope they are more frequent than the "I'm not liking you right now" moments.

This next one made me laugh so hard. So Afton is in the bathroom for a while and I'm trying to talk to Tad on the phone, but hearing "Mommy, I need help." She's been pottying on her own for a while, so I'm telling her that she knows how to do it herself. I get off the phone and go stand in the doorway. She starts doing it by herself but still saying she needs my help. I said, "Afton you don't need my help, you are a big girl and know how to go potty all by yourself!"
She said, "But I just need you to watch me."
I replied, "No, bug, I don't need to watch you. You can do it!"
She quickly remarked, "Am I not a t.v.?"

It made me laugh so hard, because at first I was like what...a t.v.? What does that have to do with anything? And then I realized, oh man! She is sooooo clever! Love that girl!

Also, my sister finally had her baby! Baby Jace came into the world on October 4th weighing in at 8 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long! That is her first too! Can't wait to see how big the next ones will be! He is soooo cute, looks like Daddy with Mommy's nose, has a nice head of dark brown hair and it just the sweetest little boy ever! Love him! I'll post pictures soon!

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