Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seriously! So Blessed!

Okay I know there is a funny mormon blog out there called, "Seriously, So blessed," but I couldn't help naming this post that. It's true! I be serious now though and tell you why.

A couple days ago, in the afternoon, Afton started to feel a little yucky. She had a runny nose and then started to have a little fever. Nothing too crazy. The next day it was about the same. Since her fever was really not much of a fever at all, I took the girls swimming to get out of the house. About half the way through our swimming adventure Afton started to not feel so good again, but I had already told Tad to meet us out at the pool. So we waited for him and then went to eat with some friends after he came. Afton didn't eat and just fell asleep. Reesa on the other hand, well, that's why she has rolls on her legs and belly and pretty much everywhere. She kept eating. Not unusual! On the way home Afton kept whining and moving around. I knew she was nearing the throw up stage and tried to get home as fast as possible. I hear some noises in the back, thinking it's Afton throwing up, I look back and it's not. It's Reesa! She didn't cry or even make a noise. She just started throwing up! I pulled off to the side of the road and with my 1 wipe I had left I tried to get her to get it all out. Finally, we make it home and I knew it was gonna be a long night. Both the girls were burning up. Tad had work in the morning so I slept on the floor in the girls room. Lucky I did because one time Afton was half asleep throwing up. Reesa didn't throw up any more, but was just burning up all night. Afton threw up like 3 times. My predictions were right...super long night. The next day I just tried to get them to stay hydrated and keep their medicine down. We wasted a lot of food, testing out what they might eat, sat in the living room all day, and watched movies or read books. I fell asleep about 6:30, exhuasted and slept till about 8. I woke up worried, because I definitely did not plan on sleeping. Both the girls are awake at the time and sleeping while they are awake is not the best idea. Tad was awesome and had the girls taken care of, eating dinner and straightening up the house.

We sat around the dinner table. Tad had gone out and gotten me my favorite thing from Chili's: southwestern egg rolls. Then I opened my present with a homemade birthday card from the girls and Tad, and a bag of Dove chocolates. It seemed so hokey and not a birthday that you would envision in your mind, but for some reason my heart overflowed. I almost cried at that perfect moment in my life. I had my beautiful family surrounding me and I had their love. It was such a simple moment and it felt so right. I sat there trying to think of a wish as I blew out my one candle in the chocolate molten cake that Tad got me. Honestly, I could not think of anything. It was one of those cheesy hollywood movie moments that you don't think would ever be able to exist in the "real world," but there it was. I am seriously so blessed. It was a hard day, but you can't ask that life, real life, be on hold while you do those things that you think you want or maybe even need. I would have passed up that one beautiful moment if I had not had the experiences that day and the previous day. How wise our Father in Heaven is to give us those throw up filled sleepless nights so that we can truly appreciate the beautifully real things we have in our life.

I love these three people who fill up my life with love and reaffirm my knowledge of a Father in Heaven who loves me more than I can imagine.

"Although we will all experience times of trial and difficulty, there are laws which, if obeyed, will enable us to also experience great happiness. Make sure you sacrifice, share, and grow together."
-Elder Robert D. Hales
"A Little Heaven on Earth"

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