Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby Afton!

I decided to rearrange our blog a little so that anyone can make comments and I can keep adding pictures that aren't jumbo sized. Anyway, for all those who want the low-down, we had our little Afton Renee Dickerson on February 16th 2008. She was a week late and didn't really want to come then either. We went to the hospital at one a.m. I was having pretty strong contractions but that's about all that was happening. Since I was a week late and had high blood pressure they went ahead and admitted me. (Thank goodness!) I had decided to get an epidural but the anesthesiologist was in surgery until 10:00 a.m. So we were just waiting. I only got frustrated with Tad once, and I didn't yell as he might lead you to believe. :) The epidural came finally and I got some rest. I woke up a couple times when the nurses came to check on things. It took all of maybe three hours to get from three centimeters to ten. I woke up feeling like she was coming out and the nurse told me I should get ready to push. This being the first time I've had a baby, I was thinking, "Um...no, I don't think I'm ready for that, thanks though!" However, it began and an hour later, our little girl came out. She had pooped in the womb and decided to eat it as well so they had to suck out her lungs. That was not fun to hear her wail, but Daddy was right by her side. She weighed 6 lbs. and 9 oz. and was 21 inches long.
She is now two months old and is the best! Mommy and baby get to spend everyday together and she is one of the happiest babies I know. She loves to smile. She loves the song Gabriel's Oboe from the Mission soundtrack. She has a dimple in her right cheek, the biggest blue eyes, and a nice head of hair. (When the baby first started coming out, the doctor announced, "Well, we've birthed the hair!") We are now getting at least five hours of sleep for the first leg of the night, and after that she'll wake up every three hours. Unfortunately, little Afton has reflux and takes medicine four times a day. Other than that we have been blessed with a healthy baby and are very grateful for this blessing in our lives.

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