Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two month old Afton (and Cara with the boppy!)

These are some recent pictures that we have taken. She's so cute we can't keep the camera off of her. Once we figure out how to edit our video camera things, I'll get some videos of her up on here. I've gotten lucky and have some of her smiling. Even though she is pretty teeny she still has cute chubby little cheeks!

Dad decided to have fun taking picture of me and the boppy! (Mom/Dad we tried to figure out the thong situation with the boppy; we didn't really have success, but we had tons of laughs!)

I love these pictures because her big blue eyes are so pretty and you get to see how she is beginning to look! She is a beauty!


Alesha said...

She is so cute!!! By, the way, I was in Allen today, and I said a little hello from you to your town. It's crazy green down here in Texas! Talk to you later!

Leah and Joe said...

I am so happy that you have a blog(even though I get to see Afton in real life all the time)! What is the thong situation??