Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Good Times

Well, I have plenty more to update everyone on and of course more pictures to put in. First, Afton had her two month check-up appointment and it was quite the experience for her. She is healthy and weighs a little over 10 lbs. now. She is 22.5 inches long and has a very small head. Her height and weight are pretty average for her age, but she is in the 19th % for her head size. Oh well, she is still a cutie. She got three shots and let everyone know how much she enjoyed that. I had never heard her cry like that.

We tried to go on a hike to Mesa Falls recently and the pass was still blocked with snow so we just hiked in the snow for a little bit. It was actually a nice, warmish day so that was fun. It was Afton's first hike and she didn't like it as much as we had hoped, although she had been napping the whole drive. It was nice for Tad and I to go out and do something together.

We have been spending a lot of time with Joe and Leah. Tad and Joe are still working the tile job together on the weekends so Leah, Afton and I have some good girl time. We had a little cook out at their place a little bit ago. Afton thinks for some reason that she can't breath when the wind blows so that was entertaining.

On Sunday, we had a great surprise when we woke up. The mornings are Afton's best times and I was getting her ready to take and bath. I started taking her clothes off and she thought that was funny. She started laughing for the first time! It was so cute. I tickled her and she laughed for a few more minutes, but then she got confused and didn't know if it was funny anymore. She now laughs every once and a while but still not as much as she had before. It was great and we get to see how she grows every day!

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Meagan said...

She's gonna be a socca playa...seriously though, so cute!!!!