Friday, March 6, 2009

Just a random post

Well, Afton is napping and Tad is at work so I decided I better post something before it's two weeks later and I don't want to post all of the old stuff. Actually, not much is happening, but oh well, I'll let ya in on the little bit that is.

First of all, I bought myself a sewing machine and have been doing a project a day ever since I got it. I can't help myself. I realized that I'm not very good at letting something go if it isn't completely done, so hence the project a day thing. I have made two nursing covers, which I am very proud of. I saw a few sisters in the ward with some and thought to myself, "Those are probably pretty easy to make." They were, and I'm not the best seamstress so they didn't turn out looking professional, but they turned out. I've also made a pacifier clip for Afton, and a grocery bag holder. My next project is a tutu for Afton. All of these ideas I have gotten from my friend Ashley, who's blog link is on the side of my blog. She's super creative and makes things easy for those of us who aren't professionals. On top of trying to be all "Becky-home-ecky," a group of sisters in our Relief Society have started a Biggest Loser program. It's been interesting so far. I've been getting workout videos from the library, but haven't done much more than that. Then I went the to group and have been keeping track of my calories, and going to an Abs that Rock class on campus. It's been tough, but hopefully, I get that baby belly off and my love handles won't be as lovable after this. It's a 12 week program, so I'm excited to see how I do. Some sisters have already been losing inches/pounds, so that's uplifting. Other than that, that's my life, besides babysitting and spending every day with the best baby in the world. She's so sweet, except when she hits, and I am so grateful to have that little cutie in my life. (So Grammy and Grampy, you can't have her quite yet. Maybe when she's 15!) Oh, and trying to weasel my way into becoming my sisters wedding planner. Not really, but I try to do some of the work. It's just a little exciting that I'll no longer be the only married Jensen. (By the way, Jaunty Jensens, you need to post something new and put up some pictures of that ring!)

Afton is doing well. She's getting bigger and starting to realize that she can stand on her own, but doesn't feel quite comfortable with going more that a few seconds long. She's made some friends and loves to make messes, especially with her oatmeal. This morning Tad was wonderful and got up with her so I could sleep a little bit longer. He was feeding her some oatmeal, and apparently as he turned she spit the big glob that was in her mouth into her hand. As he turned back around, she smiled and smeared it all over her face and hair. She loved it because that meant it was tub-tub time. She's also been pretending that she can read. Well, I'm sure in her mind she can read, but to us it's so cute when she sits down with a book that's upside down and mutters unintelligible words, then turns the page and continues. Her favorite book recently is Tootle, which is a Little Golden Book about a train. It used to be daddy's Humanities book but after she tore the back cover we had to hide it from her. We took her to the doctor for her 1year check-up a little bit ago and she's just as tall and skinny as ever. What surprised me was her head. I know it's a small head, compared to others but she's in the 2 percentile for her head. (16.8") I came home and told Tad and the first thing he said was, "She doesn't get that from me!" We love our small-headed baby girl!

Tad has been busy as ever. His group in his capstone class has been working on a project for Idaho National Labratory on some agricultural product. It's kept him busy because a few of his team members are little overloaded and don't have much time for that class. He's also been quite an asset to the company he works for now. He has been in the same position, but the other co-worker who works the morning shift is a little less able. She doesn't really take initiative and leaves a lot of work for Tad to fix up when he gets in. The other workers usually come to him with projects that they could have given to her, but knew that Tad would do a better job. So it's a catch 22, because that usually means late hours and more work, but some really great references when we need them. Next weekend, we are headed to Boise for this company to their corporate office, because they want Tad to be the "voice" of the company. Since he speaks both english and spanish, and apparently has such a great voice, they've asked him to do the recordings for them. It'll be a nice little get away for him and we'll be able to check out the area. He's been sending out some resume's to quite a few companies so we are getting ready to make a big move. There's a good prospect in Portland, but we'll have to look more into it. Joe and Leah, Tad's cousin and his wife have been trying to recruit us to go to Washington, so we can be near them. At this point, I'm okay with whatever, as long as we have a secure-ish job, a home, and near an airport.

So that's the update. I gues it was a little bit longer than I thought. Oh well. I'm charging the batteries for the camera, so as soon as that is done, I'll post some pictures. Love ya all!


Alesha said...

Hey, have fun with sewing, wedding planning, biggest loser, and Tootles. Adam and I are doing a biggest loser thing between us, too. By the way, I take responsibility for "Becky-home-ecky." It goes right along with "Puh-shnuh" and a myriad of other phrases. Ya haroshee more-mon!

Leah and Joe said...

YAY! Move to Washington!

Anonymous said...

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