Friday, March 6, 2009

Promised Pictures

This is the pacifier clip that I made. Cute, huh?

These are the two nursing covers that I made. I put a pocket on the inside so you can put cloths or whatever in them.

This is the grocery bag holder. I just used the leftover material from the nursing covers and it turned out pretty good! (Thanks Ashley for all the good ideas!)

Afton and Conner, having fun on her toy. Conner tends to get a little too cuddly for Afton's taste.

Afton, trying to escape in nothin' but her onesie!


Alesha said...

Cute pictures, Cara! Your sewing skills are amazing--I didn't know you were a sewer, er, seamstress.

ashley said...

Cara...........those turned out so cute. Love that fabric!! And look at that cute Afton, she's a toddler. Crazy!!

Leighanne Johnson said...

awwww!!!! she is sooooo cute cara!! i haven't seen you or her in a long time!!! i hope everything is going well!! i love the grocery bag holder too!! that's such a good idea!