Monday, March 23, 2009

Life with Us

Well, Afton is about the only thing I post about these days so...I have more. Can I just tell you how much fun she is. This morning Tad and I were playing a game and we looked over at Afton, who was playing on her toy piano, and she was doing a little boogie dance. I wish I had had enough time to get it on camera, but she realized that we were laughing at her and ceased the dancing. Oh well. I love being able to spend so much time with her. She makes me laugh, smile, and wonder at what I did to be blessed with such a little girl. (My other thought is what else is in store for me with our other children?) Here are some pictures! Well, the internet is being a toot so here is one and I will post others soon!

Oh and the weather here was amazing.....................until I looked out the window this morning and saw a fresh set of snow on the ground. Love it! Tad and I have just been getting as much time in with Joe and Leah as possible. We're all waiting for little Lucci to come. (Her actual name will most likely be Namoi, but at the moment we prefer little Lucci.) Tad and Russell have been selected out of some students here to sing in the choir for the Priesthood session of General Conference, so they have practices every Sunday. Tad's been sending out resume's like crazy and we're just waiting for something to come along. He works a lot as well and they recently drove us out to Fruitland, ID for some telephone stuff for Tad to do. Apparently, he has an amazing voice. It was quite the trip and made me think of how much I don't want to stay in Idaho any longer than needed. I love Rexburg, but I think it's about time. 

Me, I am just chillin'. I have been trying to improve my crafty abilities and make our home a little more homey. I have tried some new recipes and loved this most recent one with sweet pork and cilantro-lime slaw. I'm not a big slaw fan, but this was the most delicious thing I've ever tasted. If you want the recipe, there is a link to the Make-it-and-Love-it blog and she has it posted there. I would put it but Ashley's blog has very yummy-looking pictures of it too, which I don't have. I got a little hair-cut, so now I can grow my hair out at the same length. I've been doing a biggest loser program in our Relief Society. It's week five and I have lost 2 pounds and 2 inches. I'm lovin' it. Well, that's the skinny on us. 

Congratulations Andrea on the new baby! That's so exciting! Aren't they amazing!? 

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