Friday, December 10, 2010

An Amazing Woman

On Monday, Tad's Grandma passed away. I first met her when Tad and I were dating and I went down to his house for Thanksgiving. She was such a sweet, gentle person. She had alzheimer's and so it was always interesting to be around her. I remember one afternoon everyone was outside and we were just watching from the balcony. She and I were talking about different things and then the conversation turned to Tad. She kept saying what a sweetheart he was. Then she surprised me when she said, "Have you met his wife? She is a sweetie too. And his family is so sweet." It was pretty funny, for a second I had to reevaluate my relationship with Tad. Anyway, she was always working or at least trying to. That is one thing I have loved about Tad's Grandma and his mom. They are so determined and are always trying to do good. It has helped me to try to focus on being a doer. If you'd like to know more about her, I have her obituary below. (I know this is not the best picture, but doesn't she look like an angel?) We will miss you Grandma, but we are happy to know that you live on and are able to be with your loving husband and your son! We love you!


 Donna Mae Harrington MacDougall, beloved wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, peacefully passed away Monday, December 6, 2010, in Utah where she has resided for the last four years and also spent her youth. For 65 of her 90 years her love of of Utah's mountains has combined with Carlsbad beaches, sun and wonderful people. Soon after being born in Blackfoot, Idaho on December 30, 1919, her parents, Reuel and Serretta Harrington, moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Graduating from high school at 16, Donna attended the University of Utah choosing a career as a teacher. Years later, as a teacher at Magnolia School, she became known for her proficiency in teaching children to read. The day she was introduced to a handsome football player from Seattle named "Bud" MacDougall is "when her life really began." Falling in love immediately, their courtship via mail culminated in a marriage rushed by WWII, on February 5, 1942. Years of war and separation ended in 1945 creating "delirious joy!" Life's center now became her husband, her four children and many dear friends. A love affair with the California coast began in Long Beach and ended with her favorite hilltop home over looking Carlsbad's ocean, built by her beloved husband, who passed away in 1985. Their Carlsbad experience began on a 40 acre chicken ranch in 1954. On her own, she expanded talents in photography, calligraphy, poetry and gardening and was a tireless supporter of family and community activities. A highlight of Donna's life has been her active involvement as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As a widow, she determined to serve a mission for the LDS church in Little Rock, Ark., with much success. Returning home, she served 10 years working in the Los Angeles and San Diego LDS temples. She has provided her community, her church and her family with love and strength throughout her entire life, and has given selflessly in the service of others. We love and honor her. Now enjoying her greatest view, she is where she can truly "see forever." Donna was preceeded in death by her husband, Allan K. MacDougall; and her son, Bruce Duncan MacDougall. She is survived by a son, Dr. Allan B. MacDougall and daughter, Merrilee Dickerson, both of Carlsbad; and daughter, Lisbeth Ann Carluccio, Lehi, UT. She has 21 grandchildren and 43 great-grandchildren. 


Melody said...

I'm sorry about your loss! My grandmother passed away a little under a month ago, and it was pretty upsetting, so I know how you guys feel! I'm just so glad that we have the knowledge we do about eternal families. It makes times like this a lot more bearable!

Meagan & Sean said...

Oh man that's so sad! I am so sorry that it's taken so long for me to read it. She was a sweet sweet lady, and I only met her twice! I second the eternal families comment. Love you guys! Miss you!