Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bloggin' it up!

So I'm back in the blogging world. It's been a while, but it's not because I didn't have pictures! I just have had to get up the energy to do it. (Even though it doesn't take much.) Not too much has been going on here, we just are enjoying the summer heat and loving Texas. 
We found a house that we like and have put an offer down on it however, just before doing so we found out that there was another offer put on it. It's a short sale so unfortunately that means everything takes lifetimes to figure things out. We are hoping to hear this week if the other offer was accepted or not and if not, then they will consider ours. Even though it's an awesomely long waiting game, we feel like the house is well worth it. We have found this house in great condition, has 2188 square feet (which is pretty good sized!) and is $100,000. We are loving the Texas housing market right now! We hope to get it, but if we don't we feel like it would be a wise decision to rent for about a year and pay off the van. In doing so, we will open up so many more options for us. We also hope to pay off my student loans, which will only leave us Tad's student loans! I LOVE paying off debt! We can actually pay off my loans but if we get into the house we want to not feel like we are drowning right after we get into it. If we move into an apartment we are hoping to stay in the ward! So that's the news on the housing front.
Reesa and Afton are just growing up like weeds. I can't believe how one day it just seemed like I was having conversations with Reesa. She is talking so much now. She understands me. She tells me when she's "all done," if she wants to "eat," or drink, she asks please for almost everything she wants, tells me she wants up/down, runs to the door and yells Daddy when he comes home, loves to act like a doggy with her tongue out, asks for "nana's" (bananas) all the time, says when things are hot, tells me she got an "owie," and loves to grab my hand and say, "mere" (come here) when she wants me to do something with her. I'm loving this age and just can't get enough of her. Afton is saying the funniest things, which she mostly gets from listening to Mommy and Daddy or from movies. The other day I was telling Tad about that new Oreo commercial and said at the end the Grandpa says, "Franklin Delano!" Afton caught on immediately said, "Freakin' Delado!" We were rolling on the floor! Also, I took her to the bathroom the other day and asked her if her legs hurt from a little sunburn. She replied, "Well, um...that's easy for you to say!" I'm not sure what made her think that fit, but she had just been watching Tangled and I soon found out that's a line in the movie. So funny! She is such a good girl, helping Mommy and making us all laugh!
So since this is already a long update, I'll get Tad and me in the next post!

Reesa LOVES reading books!

These bottom two pictures are from a little campout we had for the Young Women in our ward. It was so much fun! We have such amazing girls and I am so happy to be in young women's with them. 

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Meagan said...

Holy cow! There's so much stuff that I don't even know where to start! I am going to respond to EVERYthing in this comment. First, I would like to say THANK YOU for posting! I have been wondering a lot what is up with you. Glad to see you are alive!

Next: WOW...YOU LOOK AMAZING! You are still so petite and beautiful! Your family is too (yes, including Tad :) ) Reesa is almost the age that Afton was when I was living in the Burg! So crazy how fast time flies! Beth's wedding looked absolutely perfect and Leisha makes such a cute prego girl! Sounds like your trip to GA was painful, so maybe it's good I didn't make my way up there. P.S. YOU DRINK ALCOHOL NOW??? Seriously Cara, I leave you for 2 years and this is what happens? c'mon girl! I think that that is really funny actually! And I miss Texas Roadhouse...thinking about those rolls makes my mouth water.
Afton is getting so big! She is just so so beautiful! I hope I get to see you soon sister friend! Miss you! Love ya! Send the family my love!
P.S.S. Sean still thinks Afton is the coolest girl ever!