Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Very Very Late Birthday Wish!

So I have this friend. It was her birthday and due to my moving scenario I totally spaced. So I feel like a horrible best friend, but let me tell you all about how amazing she and then who she is!

First of all, she is the most giving person I have ever known. She remembers everything about you and makes you feel so special. She's a hugger, but if you're not, you will be converted by her hugs!

She is sensitive to the Spirit guiding all she does and her entire life by it. She is strong not only physically, but mentally, and spiritually. She has such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and the gospel. She knows what is good and right and lives her life accordingly. She is honest. She thinks of others and does things for them all the time. She is a hard worker and very talented at many things. She sings beautifully, is always smiling, sees the good in everyone and in the world. She's goofy and fun to be with. She's super smart and very creative! She's very devoted to family and if your a friend that means your like family! On top of all this, she is beautiful!

She is my best friend, my college roommate, Meagan. My time there would never had been the same without her. She made my college experience! She also introduced me to my Tad! We had so much fun together and so many times she was there for me when I needed someone. We drove across the country together, went to dances together, went on double dates, did late night homework sessions, had classes together, played in the snow, sang together, cried and hugged, pretty much the ideal best friend. I could not have asked for anyone better!

I miss you soooooo much Meagers! Hope your birthday was Amazing! I love you!!

*Seriously, isn't she beautiful?!


Meagan said...

Cara!! You made me cry! Thank you so much for this! This is such a great birthday wish! It really made my day and came at a time where I needed to be reminded of my best friend's love! Thanks so much! We really did have a lot of fun together didn't we?! All that late night singing--each of us playing our own notes. Good times sista! You made my college experience too! Thanks love! I hope you are doing well and I hope we get to see each other soon! Seriously...made my life!

Love you girl! Thank you!!!

Chad and Elizabeth said...

I agree... Meagan is beautiful and was an amazing roommate and is an amazing friend! I miss you girls! Don't forget the panty parties :) Happy Late Birthday Meagan!!!