Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Afton's Story

On Saturday Tad was doing some work on his computer and Afton kept saying she wanted to help. Tad told her that she could make a picture, so they did. Then they had to assign names and stories to it all and this is what it came out to be! It was so funny. She would run her finger under the words like she was reading the story that she just made up. So cute and sooo smart! Love my little girl who loves to learn and is chopping at the bit to do homework like everyone in school!

If you can't read it very well, here's the story:

Pin and his bird friend Pock had so much fun playing with their toys. In the door he saw his whole bedroom. In his bedroom he had toys and picky banks and some of his candy and he remembered what his Mom and Pin talked about him eating his candy and he said, “OK Mom, I won’t eat my candy.” When his Mom came back, Pin and his friend bird and Pin’s Mom ate lunch.. And when Pin was done with his lunch, he said, “Now can I have my candy?” and she said, “of course Dear.” And he understood his Mom.

Pin and his best bird Lone were having so much fun in their backyard
On the first night, Pin missed his firned bird. Nad when he was staying home with his mom and dad, he said Mom can I have mycandy? And his Mom said, “yeah, after we eat lunch… dun dun dun ruff, dun dun dun ruff.” And so...

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