Saturday, January 21, 2012


Christmas this year was AWESOME! We had gotten almost all our shopping done by October with only a couple things left to get. The girls were so cute and fun this year. They were both able to understand a little bit more about Christmas. We took them to a place in Burnet, Texas where they have a live Bethlehem. This church puts it on every year for a few days, for free. You walk around this place and visit these homes/places of work and talk to the people about their lives at that time. They have people paying their taxes, leather makers, food vendors, soap makers, people who take care of animals with real camels to pet, soldiers, inns that are all full and the last part is a little cave where you look in the see Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Afton LOVED it and still talks about it to this day. I am sooo glad to hear her talk about what a good thing it was for her and her favorite part was seeing baby Jesus! We had church on Christmas day just for the first hour. I got up to get ready and then woke up the girls. (They stayed up late reading books.) I told Afton that Santa had come and said, "Mom, what do we do know?" I think most kids would just run right out to look at all the presents but she was so reserved about it cute! We ate breakfast and finished getting ready and the girls didn't even try to get into the presents! Then it was off to was such a good meeting listening to the beautiful music and messages. After church we came home and opened presents, which was sooo fun. After that we played and ate all day and loved every minute of spending time together as a family. Tad had the whole week afterwards off, so we were able to sit around and play all day!

Later on, I tried to straighten Reesa's hair. I'd done this once before but it look a bit a mullet. Now it's grown out a little bit more and doesn't look as funny, but then she doesn't really look like Reesa without those curls!

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