Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's official...

It's official...we are out of the diaper stage! Reesa is potty-trained. I have no more need to buy those overpriced pieces of whatever they are made out of! I don't know what I did to deserve such an easy child but I am soooo grateful. Afton has never been very hard, until potty training came along. (Well, she wasn't the best sleeper either.) Afton had accidents all the time and number 2 was really rough. At the beginning of this week I realized I had 3 days in a row where I didn't have to be anywhere/do anything. That's the first time in a LONG time! I decided to go for it, because she was already going on the toilet every once and a while. Monday we had a few accidents; Tuesday was a lot better with only one real accident; Wednesday was accidents. I had gone to the store on Thursday evening and while I was gone I got a phone call from a little girl who told me that she had gone number 2 on the potty all by herself. Tad was working on dinner and didn't know she had to go, but he said next thing he knew she's calling for him from the bathroom. I cannot believe how easy this has been. I feel so spoiled! I'm glad to say I just have one of those children. Now I realize I said that I will probably have the worst experience ever some time with one of our other children, but I'll take what I can get!

So I know it's maybe a little improper to show pictures of my children naked, but seriously how cute is this little girl?! She LOVES her Rapunzel panties (Thanks Grammy and Poppy!) and just loves being a big girl.

Had to be the view from behind! Sooooo funny!

Thing number 2, (not related to the number 2 we were previously talking about), I am doing this:

I'm not doing the full, just the half, but it will be my first! I'm so excited and anxious at the same time. It's down in Beaumont, kind of near Houston, and on March 10th. I decided it was time I set a goal for myself instead of just "takin' it easy" with my running. We really want to do it together, but we have two little girls who need watching! Tad's being a good sport about it and encouraging me! Love him. 

So life is busy, busy, but that's the way I like it. I find the best version of myself and strive to be the person I want to be more whenever I am busy. 

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