Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Afton's Birthday

So we had Afton's birthday in February. It was such a fun day, yet somewhat relaxed, how does that go together? She asked for banana chocolate chips muffins for breakfast and we started off our day just right. Tad had planned on taking her fishing that morning, but it turned out rainy so we practiced in the living room. It was sooo cute to watch her cast a line and actually do well. Any time she did it far, I'd turn to her and tell her that was amazing! She was so happy and excited. Now we are not fishers by any means. In fact, the idea of actually catching a fish pretty much grosses me out, but how great is that? Your little girl loves fishing in the living room and could be done with her birthday after that...too bad I planned more! :) We skyped with Grammy, Poppy, and the rest of my fam. She loved having the birthday song sung to her and pretending to blow out candles. We started lunch with corn dogs and chicken nuggets and after that a few of her friends came over. They all had a blast playing together and making the birthday cake. I decided this year to not get too crazy with the cake and let Afton have the control over that. She loved it and they were all proud of their creation. (Supposed to be Little Einstein's rocket, not bad right?) We played matching games, with chalk, hide and go seek and the kids had a parade with the girls instruments. So cute! After the kiddos went home we let Afton watch a birthday movie, so we could clean up a bit and let's be honest, so we could nap. For dinner she wanted sandwiches. We had a little picnic in the living room and ended our day opening up the rest of her presents. She loved them all! After getting presents in the mail pretty often, she continues to ask to this day, "What did you find in the mail, Mom?!" 

So happy with it being her birthday

Here's Reesa wishing Afton a Happy Birthday! (This is not staged, one bit...okay maybe every bit.)

Love my girl! Seriously cannot believe she is so big!

Fishing with Daddy

Lunch time...yummy kid food

Parade time

The kids loving their creation

After all these presents she was super excited to play with them all

I don't know if any one has heard of Squishy Baff, but my sister got that for Afton. The first time we tried it I put too much water in, but they loved it anyway. The second time it was about the consistency of jello, all broken up. I have often thought of what it might be like to plop down in a bath full of jello and based on my girls's weird. I couldn't stop playing with it though and pouring it all over the girls. What a creation! 

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