Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love, gotta have something to keep us together, Love

Today is our anniversary! Woop-yeah! Four years ago, today I married my best friend. It feels like some days it's been longer and some days not as long, but today, I'm just proud of where we are. We have come so far in our relationship that it makes me excited for the next years and what we will do together. It's weird to say that it's only been four years but I think that the number isn't as important as the time during those numbers. We've had rocky roads and smoother roads, but I can't imagine going through it all with anyone else.

Tad is a special person. If you know him personally you know what a fun-loving guy he is. He can make you feel comfortable within seconds. To him it doesn't matter what you look like, dress like, or sound like, it only matters what he can do to make you feel like you have an instant friend. He loves to laugh and has the best dimples E-V-E-R! Tad is someone you can talk to about anything. I've loved him for that. He won't make you feel like a dingle, even if you do/say something "dingley." He will always tell me, "Cara, you are way smarter than a dingle!" (Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing that story and letting us carry it on!) He is very protective of me, which is something that I have grown used to and come to cherish. That is how he tells me how special I am to him. It's his way of saying, "Cara, you are number 1 in my life."

He is one of the biggest goobers I have ever met. I love that we can be goobers together. He makes me feel beautiful, even after my "post babies" body.  I love him from his toes up to his face...and his hair! (How do you not love those curly-q's?)
Here's to four years down and plenty to go!! I love you TAD!


Meagan said...

awww...Cara! I knew it was your anniversary yesterday! By the way, there are a lot of anniversaries in August! Hope it was so wonderful! You two really are perfect for each other! I miss you! I have received your messages and we will talk soon!

Marie said...

Those pictures are so great. You guys are so cute to be in love still :). I need your email address,