Friday, August 20, 2010

Georgia on my mind


My crazy friend, Meagan, and my crazy sis, Leisha

Just a few of my sweet pea

Oh my "Afty Baft"

A day at the park...check out the shades

Reesa did not like the grass...hmmm who does that remind us of?

Trying to cheer her up

Just a goober!

Aww...look at that chubbers...the baby I mean :)

Afton decided to try on Aunt B's makeup and muck-lucks

Showing us her make-up
Looking at the "Mr. Ray's"
These were so cool
Aww...mommy and Lela
She was sooo good and a cutie of course
The "Dory" fish of course
Uncle Jon getting freaked out by the sting rays
Brave little Afton touching all the fish

Aunt B practising her photography skills
What a tall penguin she would be
All the penguins
"I lub the sharts"
I love Reesa's face
The "nemo" fish
Cool jellies

Man he is ugly
This tank was huge and had like 4 sharks with all the other fish
Aunt B and Afton
These are glass jelly fish that this guy makes
Reesa taking a look at the jellies, she kept hitting her head on the tank
These jellies were so cool
Aunt Lela and Uncle Jon
Oh she's so cute, but I'm not partial
The smaller leaf looking this is a seahorse, crazy huh?
This was pretty much Afton all day
Oh Dad, your face isn't that bad

Me and my Daddy-o
Touching more fish
Crazy cool froggy
Blue poisin dart frogs
A couple of gators
One of the biggest turtles
This picture still creeps me out, he was coming straight for us
The cute turtles
A huge stingray
All the girls
Silly turtle
Long neck turtle
This one looked like branches on a tree
Getting ready for the IMAX
Aunt B and Afton in her glasses
Grammy and Afton
Awww...Poppy and Afton
Poppy and Reesa
The girls could only last so long after bedtime
The "Little Man" who is now a taller man

So here is the next part of our summer. The girls and I got to take a trip down to visit my family in Georgia. It was so much fun and definitely worth the traveling hassles. We just had so much fun playing around with each other every day. Jon and Leisha were nice enough to come over A LOT, so I could see as much of them as possible. My mom bought a little swimming pool for Afton and Reesa to play in and we went to the park a few times. I got to play some tennis, which I'm not as good at anymore, but we all had fun playing together. My best friend, Meagan came to visit from Florida for a few days. It was awesome to have her finally meet all the family and I always love spending time with her. She's always so much fun to be around and makes me laugh. We all got to go to the Tennesee Aquarium, which was awesome. They had so many different things and Afton loved it. She still talks about all the animals she saw. She's getting so big now everything she says makes sense and her little memory is great. We loved every minute and wished Daddy could have been there with us but of course he had to work. I guess we'll just have to go live with my family while Tad does his grad school so we can take Daddy with us to the aquarium. I have some cute videos to try and upload and of course the next part of our great summer!


Meagan said...

So I am SO happy you updated your blog...'bout time sista! In the first picture I thought that it was someone else, other than me and Leisha, that bought the shoes! I was stoked! Then I realized, it was me. Also, the one where you said you liked Reesa's face, I am at work and I was just answering the phone as I looked at her face. I almost laughed right into the phone. The alligator picture is crazy scary...scary looking at it all small.

Anyway...that is all. I miss you s'much. I need a friend that I can talk to about anything and who will go and do stuff with me. Move to Florida? Please?

Leighanne Johnson said...

those are cute pictures! you're girls are so adorable! i can't believe how different they look! i'm glad meagan was able to see you too! that sounds like so much fun!

Marie said...

Fun to see your pictures. That alligator almost made me jump just scrolling down!