Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The wedding, the sea, with some Carluccio's and belly blowing!

So here is the next part of our summer...Oregon and Washington. Russell and Trish got married in the Portland Temple and it was beautiful. We took Leo the Uplander on his first road trip. He did well and the girls did pretty good too. It was a very pretty drive and we loved the area. The wedding was beautiful. The first few pictures are from the wedding day. I forgot my camera for the reception but that was fun too! The food was awesome and it was decorated with sea shells and stuff. Super cute! Russell sang a really cute song that he wrote for Trish and had their first dance as husband and wife to "Hey Soul Sister." Goobers! That night we stayed across the street from Trish's fam in a house owned by some friends' of theirs. It was just a couple minutes from the beach, so the next morning while everyone went to clean up the church the girls and I went for a walk on the beach. It was beautiful. Afton made some friends with some dogs and their owners or in other words she chased after a dog saying, "I WANT TO SEE THE DOGGY!"
After that we headed to lunch with all the family and drove on to Washington to visit Tad's cousins, Joe and Leah and thier beautiful daughter, Naomi. We haven't seen them since they left Rexburg and it was soooo much fun. Leah was an amazing host making us all the best dinners, breakfast, lunch and of course desserts ever! We tried to keep our eyes pried open every night to play as many games with each other as possible. We went on long walks through the beautiful neighborhoods and down to the waterfront catching up on everything that we've been missing out on not being near each other anymore. It was so good to see them and I hope that one day we can live next to each other. Leah is such an amazing example and always inspires me to become better. Joe is not only a good cousin to Tad, but a great friend. They are such good people and we are grateful to have them in our lives! We always have something strange and funny happen when we get together and this time was no exception. I'm not saying that Tad blew raspberries on Joe's belly or anything, but it got crazy! *wink, wink*
Anyway, I'll end here and start in tomorrow in the next part of our summer!

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