Monday, January 24, 2011

New Hair

Well I braved it! I had been thinking about Afton's beautiful locks getting the chop and decided it was time. I love her long hair with the little ringlets on the end but she really didn't like having to get her hair brushed and fixed every day. I thought she might like having short hair, easy to push out of the way and I wouldn't have to fix it every day. We can still do little hair-do's but it's much easier to handle. She seems to like it and I rarely see her anymore pushing out of her face. Tad kept telling her that she looked like her Aunt Lela all day. Eventually she quipped back, "No, I look like Aunt B!" We both laughed at that. I think it turned out pretty good for my first little girl haircut. I've only cut hair a few times but luckily my dad has tried to teach me some techniques and I just happen to love all those makeover shows! Hehehe! I did check out a couple of youtube videos on hair cutting. It all worked out pretty good and she was so good. She got pretty antsy at the end. Since she was so good we took her to McDonalds for dinner and let her play in the play area for about an hour. I can't believe what a little grown up girl she looks like now and only today did I actually want her cute ringlets and long hair back...only for a second. I'm just not sure if I'm ready for her to be such a big girl! I bought that dress for her and got a matching one for Reesa but of course I forgot to take a picture before church so maybe next week I'll have a picture of them both!


The Hardy Things in Life said...

AWW too cute!! She looks just like you mommy!!

Tara Johnson said...

She is so beautiful Cara I justcan't get over it. Looks just like her mommy!!!!!

The Hoffmans said...

I just came across your blog! Congrats on the new job to Texas- that is so awesome! It'll be so nice to be close to family, I'm sure! =) Just so you know, Im totally going to set up Afton and Mason on a date when they are 16.. she is so flippin pretty as is Reesa.. either one, we'll take! =) Good luck with the move!