Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Christmas

So finally here is our Christmas update. It was so good to be able to start our first Christmas as our own family. The girls were so cute and loved just opening presents and spending time together. We loved every minute of the holidays, making decorations, putting up the Christmas tree and other decorations, playing in the snow, reading stories about Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus, doing our advent calendar every day and especially having daddy home pretty much every day! I am so grateful for this holiday and the extra time we are giving to spend becoming closer! 

Afton and Reesa in their matching pj's on Christmas Eve!

Afton digging into her stocking

 Tad showing off how full my stocking is! I'm so amazing! Hehehe...

 I don't really remember what Reesa is doing it, but it's too cute whatever it is!

 Tad is trying out his guitar...oh yeah!

 Here's Afton with  some of her presents.

 "Look at my husband, y'all!" He's a goober!

 She is sooo happy to have a full tummy!

 Reesa with her presents.

 Just playing

 Picture time!

 My presents...sweet!

 Reesa chit-chatting with someone on her new phone.

 Oh man what a hot baby! She loves wearing my necklaces.

 Afton, watching her favorite movie, the fluffy movie, or in other words Despicable Me.

 Tad watching his movie, Inception.

 Just chillin!

 Just a happy girl!

 Here is our Christmas dessert. I was quite proud. It was delicious but definitely needed a glass of milk!


Melody said...

It looks like you had a great holiday! And wow... the dessert looks amazing!

Hercules Family said...

AGGGHHH!! I'm so happy you found our blog!!! Kyle just walked in the door and I had the picture of your girls pulled up and he recognized them as Dickerson's right away. We will for sure see you guys as soon as you come down! Let us know, obviously, when it is closer the exact times. I will do my best to post some pictures soon of our growing kids. I can't believe how big Afton is and how long her hair is. She is beautiful! And little Reesa is too cute!! Thanks again for finding us and we will talk soon!