Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trip to Georgia

Well this post is chuck full of pictures so I won't write too much. Be sure to check out my other posts! (Whoever reads this!)

This is on the plane ride to GA. The girls did amazing, seriously, there and back! I'm so lucky.

These last eight were from Bethy's bridal shower. Michael's mom, step-mom, sisters and grandmas were able to come and it was super fun. These last few are just us silly girls from our side: me, my two sisters, my mom and my grandmother. I LoVe my family!

These were from the actual wedding day. I didn't get too many because it was crazy hot and no one wanted to stand out there taking pictures for too long. 

This was the cupcake and wedding cake setup. They were pretty darn good.

These were from the ring ceremony we had. His family was not members of our church so we had a ring ceremony before the reception. It was such a good ceremony!

My dad being the host.

Beth and Michael, the newlyweds

Silly Lela

Reesa and Grammy

Daddy and Afton

Me and Uncle Aaron

Me and the beautiful bride!

I'm sorry Grandmother, the other picture I have is super blurry! But seriously, isn't she beautiful, even in a silly picture!

Me and my Mamma

Uncle Tyler

My sweet girls and me

My Amazing Hubby!

Lela and Jon, the ultimate goobers

The set up at the reception!

Cutting the cake and shoving in the face

Bride and groom dance

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