Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Man!

Yesterday was Tad's 28th Birthday! Yeah!! Unfortunately we both worked most of the day. His bosses  took good care of him through the day. He got one of those jumbo round rock donuts for breakfast and Shawn (his boss) took him out for lunch. Meanwhile, I was watching their kids and we made cards for him. When we got home we left the girls with Sami, their cousin, who agreed to watch them while Tad and I went out. She is AWESOME. So I took Tad to the best restaurant ever, Texas Roadhouse! Can never have enough of those rolls and a good steak. Then we drove over to use our groupon at the Melting Pot for dessert. It was our first time there and we are definitely gonna go back. Oh man, it was like heaven in a pot and on dipping sticks! Since it was his birthday, the manager came over and gave us some "Blackberry Pomegranate Soda." Since we are not alcoholic savvy we had no idea that soda meant champagne until our server came over to see how we liked it. Don't worry we definitely didn't get drunk, at least I don't think a miniscule sip can do that to ya, but we were embarrassed and couldn't stop joking about what goobs we are! We stopped by a redbox on our way home and picked up True Grit. It was pretty good but we stayed up way past midnight watching it. Needless to say, we looked awesome this morning when the girls woke up. I am so lucky to have such a great guy in my life. I am grateful that I have been so blessed. Tad is such an loving, gentle, funny, goofy husband and father and I could not ask for anyone better to share the rest of my life with! I LOVE YOU TAD! 

P.S. This completes my updates. That's a total of 5 posts, all with pictures, so enjoy!

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Tara Johnson said...

Yeah for updates and pictures!!! Looks like you guys are doing so well!!!