Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Surviving the summer heat!

So we got back from our trip safe and sound and have been loving spending our summer playing together. We go swimming a few times a week. Afton is learning to swim and is doing awesome. She has been very brave. She swims in the deep end with her little floatie all by herself and loves to tell you about it. We are trying to teach her to hold her breath under the water. Reesa thinks that she can hold her breath which usually results in her drinking or inhaling the water. She likes being at the pool, but Afton is definitely our water bug! I am so proud of her and her confidence in herself in being able to achieve anything. Last weekend we took the girls to Rockin' River. It this great mini water park place here. It has a little lazy river, plenty of shallow water and jungle gym things and two big slides. Tad tried one out and convinced me to do it. Of course, I'm so cool that on my way out I got completely flipped around, resulting in a major wedgie, which I am hoping onlookers didn't see, and some water up my nose! It was worth the laughs, though.   

Don't ask, I have no idea!?

Afton looking all grown up with her swoop bangs and make-up!

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